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The goal of the global community-driven apertus° project is to create a variety of powerful, affordable, free (in terms of liberty), sustainable and open digital cinema tools that we as filmmakers love to use. The AXIOM product line is the result of this ongoing endeavor and after successful crowd funding and receiving an EU Innovation grant is well on track to redefine the industry well beyond the DIY garages and hobbyist labs the project started in. Hollywood has discovered the AXIOM as the first chance to reclaim control of the tools and therefore cinematography.

Latest News:

AXIOM Gamma Progress Report and EU Review

3 weeks 1 day ago by Sebastian
About On the 17th of March, our office in Vienna was unusually crowded and maybe even more so — unusually tidy. We happily, yet a little nervously, hosted the AXIOM Gamma Intermediate Technical Review with the participation of all consortium partners, our project officer from the European Commission and two independent reviewers. It was a very busy day, with various presentations all centering on the AXIOM Gamma developments. After a brief introduction, we led the group through an exhibition... » Read more

AXIOM Team Talk - Volume 9

4 weeks 1 day ago by Sebastian
This is the first Team Talk filmed with the AXIOM Beta and shot in experimental 4K RAW, thus it covers the topic of color calibration and raw processing. This Team Talk was actually shot quite some time ago but because the RAW post processing was being developed at the same time the Team Talk was filmed, we had to reprocess it several times due to continuous software improvements and results that kept on getting better and better. This Team Talk was shot with the first generation experimental... » Read more

April Fools: Introducing RELAXiom - UHD and better than LSD

1 month 3 days ago by Sebastian
Is the world dragging you down? Introducing the latest apertus° product: The incredible RELAXiom will give you a chance to step into the shoes of your favorite movie heroes! With the latest advances in microwave technology you can experience something that is more immersive than Virtual Reality - your entire body will breathe and live this new cinematic reality: RELAXiom. Introducing RELAXiom! The story behind the RELAXiom Don't feel square - feel ultra widescreen! Your browser does not support... » Read more

Phase 1 Report & AXIOM Beta Production Status

2 months 3 days ago by Sebastian
The Phase 1 for the AXIOM Beta has been completed in the first week of February and in total we received the funds of 123 Phase 1 payments (unfortunately not all 500 crowdfunding camera supporters followed through). This will not allow us to get the 500 pieces volume deals, but the 100+ volume order will still give us quite significant discounts for a number of key items - such as the sensor, which is by far the most expensive single component. The estimated price increase of the at-cost prices... » Read more

Magic Lantern getting to grips with the AXIOM Beta image sensor

2 months 2 weeks ago by Sebastian
Over the course of the last few months, A1ex from the Magic Lantern team has been leading the efforts to capture tens of thousands of still images with our AXIOM Beta prototype to measure and analyze a wide range of image sensor characteristics. To get the most out of the image one has to really understand what is going on inside the silicon and how all the different aspects influence each other. We have learned a lot and were able to draw a number of conclusions and methods for improving the... » Read more

Project Elmyra - Looking back, looking forward

3 months 3 weeks ago by simonrepp
A while ago we announced our development of a Blender-based industrial design visualization system, codenamed "Elmyra". Elmyra will aid us to automate visualization tasks for our rapidly iterative and parallel camera hardware development. Time flies, so we want to give you a short review of what we've been up to and where we're headed now! Two months ago we were at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam to provide a first glimpse of the system, giving some essential background information of our... » Read more
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