AXIOM alpha rigged up

apertus° AXIOM Alpha is the name of a proof-of-concept prototype that is more than just a lab experiment. It is already meeting the demands of some real world applications like being used for film production to some degree. We are certain though that while it will not be the answer to all our prayers and not the goal of all our dreams yet it can be seen as the first step to embark on a journey to that place where we want to be one day. The main motto with AXIOM Alpha is "Keep it simple!". The features are reduced to the absolute essential core. No luxuries. So for example we chose the lens mount that is the simplest and easiest to implement from a technical point of view but allows manual aperture control: The Nikon F-mount. Any future AXIOM model will have a wider selection of lens mount options.

signal stage of AXIOM alpha, F-mount lens, super35 sensor, processing with 12v and usb2 input, onward to fullHD scaling to HDMI-out

Project Type: Hardware, Software Status: Completed

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Some of the apertus° team attended the 37th edition of the International Short Film Festival Clermont Ferrand in France to showcase the AXIOM Alpha prototype and the apertus° project in general. As the recently crowd-funded AXIOM Beta is still in development, people attending the festival were able to put their hands on the AXIOM Alpha prototype and become familiar with the concept of sharing the entire technology as open source. Clermont Ferrand Festival Flyer Design From the 2nd - 6th of... » Read more
In October, some members of the apertus° team held a two-day AXIOM workshop at the Louis Lumière cinema school, Paris. This is their report (photos by Kevin Théard): As mentioned in the report of the previous workshop , Louis Lumière is a unique school for upcoming cinematographers, where students and teachers work on a deep level of (physical) understanding regarding their tools - investigating both the technical and creative aspects. The latest workshop was organized by Alain Sarlat (... » Read more
apertus° now community and company at the same time The apertus° project has successfully transformed itself from a community-only project to a company-community project. Of course we still are a community but with more responsibility and clearer role definitions. Yet, public perception apparently changed as people primarily perceive us to be a camera manufacturing company when we approach them. Furthermore, the Open Hardware Summit in Philadelphia drew our attention to something rather... » Read more
In this Team Talk Episode: AXIOM Bridge Introduction Watch Video Chapter We applied for an innovation grant to advance a sideproject that we funded as stretch goal in the AXIOM Beta crowdfunding campaign. An open hardware and free software digital video capture PCIe card to stream high bandwidth 4K raw video from an AXIOM Beta to a connected PC - we call it AXIOM Bridge . Update: Unfortunately we did not get the grant. AXIOM Ecosystem Introduction Watch Video Chapter The AXIOM Ecosystem is a... » Read more
Some members of the apertus° team attended the 3rd edition of the Festival Cinema Libre in Hamburg, Germany, to present the apertus° project and the opportunities provided by an open source camera for independent filmmakers. The Cinema Libre Festival, as described on their website , is independent from the film industry and focuses on movies which are self-produced, crowd-funded or were created with no money at all. It offers a very diverse panorama of short and feature films, in various genres... » Read more
In may, a part of the apertus° team gave an AXIOM presentation at the Louis Lumière cinema school. This is their report: It’s a unique school where - as you may call it - they teach “image architecture” (a mix of cinematographer and engineer). We made a two part presentation about open source and its benefits for filmmakers, the AXIOM camera roadmap, followed by a hands-on workshop with the Alpha prototype. We received great feedback from the attendees. It’s really interesting to notice that... » Read more
It was apertus’ first appearance at NAB, the Las Vegas trade show originally named after the National Association of Broadcasters. We only had vague expectations of what would happen at the world’s biggest trade show for cinema gear and film industry supplies. We started our journey with a real ‘American road trip’ after arriving at Los Angeles International from Europe. Our anticipation for the show stretched out during our crossing of the desert after a (naively) unexpected five hour traffic... » Read more
AXIOM timeline
The AXIOM project has surpassed a number of milestones, and yet there are still new and exciting things happening right now. In order to visualize everything that's taken place in parallel throughout the AXIOM Alpha development, we've created an interactive timeline illustrating the first part of the AXIOM Saga: From the announcement of the AXIOM in Geneva, Switzerland to the commencement of the crowd funding campaign - marking the beginning of the AXIOM Beta development and the end of chapter... » Read more
Last month we got an invitation from Alexander de Villa Robinson to join one of the most important technology festivals in Mexico and present the AXIOM Alpha camera to a Latin American audience at TAG CDMX 2014 . We had some trouble making it happen because the AXIOM Beta development was already ongoing and a lot of work needed to be done. Fortunately the people around the TAG event, notably Cecilia de los Rios and Paulina Torrescano, organized everything including flight, transportation and... » Read more
AXIOM Beta takes shape (literally) When we first announced the AXIOM Beta camera , we had a pretty clear idea of how the camera would be designed from a technical point of view. Nevertheless, it was still quite difficult to show people this vision as it existed only within our imagination. Now we have begun turning our ideas into actual design studies, to be accompanied by illustrated concept images. The first of these concepts is showing the PCB Stack concept for the AXIOM Beta and allows for... » Read more