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AXIOM Beta hardware complete - First Moving AXIOM Beta Images - Team Talk 8

We have reached a major milestone: The hardware designs for the AXIOM Beta are complete! This means that the electronics and the PCB designs have passed all tests so far and everything is working fine. There is still a small chance though that we will discover minor problems with certain components in the future. Upgrades and replacements of certain boards are still planned for adding new dedicated features and increasing performance but these will be future projects and not something we will be working on anytime soon. We already started production of the first small batch of Early Betas for developers and early adopters. Automated assembly doesn’t make sense from an economic POV for such a low volume so these boards are being assembled manually by our team. This means the process takes a bit longer but every camera will be 100% hand crafted in return. Check out the electronics assembly process in the Team Talk 8 video.

First Moving Images

AXIOM Beta Sample Footage

The HDMI live feed was first demoed publicly at OSCON in Amsterdam. Since then we have stabilized the HDMI signal and made sure it is compatible with 3rd party devices to record the video stream. Then we took our Beta prototype for a spin and shot the first ever moving images with the AXIOM Beta in outputing 1080p30 4:4:4 and being recorded with an external recorder at 1080p30 4:2:2. Keep in mind that the software and image processing is still in a very early stage, so this footage represents the current prototype stage of the software. A lot of things still need to be improved/added (more about that further below).

First 4K High Speed RAW Burst Sequences

In addition to the HDMI video feed we also have another method of capturing video. The Microzed used in the AXIOM Beta has twice as much RAM (1024MB) as the AXIOM Alpha (512MB) and we can utilize over 75% of that RAM as image buffer. This allows us to burst high speed sequences of raw images into RAM and then slowly copy them to a PC and convert them to a DNG sequence. By reducing the number of lines in such a burst we can increase the number of stored frames and the speed at which they are captured. The following shots were recorded at 4096x1080 as 12bit raw with around 100FPS for 1 second.

Download Sample High Speed Burst DNG Sequence (160MB)

Areas we are working on now

We are now shifting our focus on software development and optimizations: Developing calibration and quality assurance methods for accurate color reproduction, correcting fixed pattern noise, finding optimal log curves and pre-linearization profiles, tuning overlays, testing experimental 4K raw modes, and evaluating HDR parameters, etc. This will happen on a broader scale as soon as developers like the Magic Lantern team have received their Early AXIOM Beta units.

Please make Phase 1 Payments now

If you are a voucher holder please make your Phase 1 payments now. We are starting to purchase essential components like the image sensor or microzed in volume for your camera unit soon and need to start collecting funds now. Please also make Phase 1 payments if you are not sure when to get your AXIOM Beta unit or if you decided to wait for the AXIOM Gamma instead. If you purchase as company with European VAT ID please create an account in the webshop and contact us before making the purchase. If you need any help with the webshop or the payment options please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

Make Phase 1 Payment (Webshop)

Phase Payment FAQ

What are phased payments?
Please read this overview page about the phased payment system for AXIOM Beta crowdfunding supporters.

I did not participate in crowdfunding, is there still a way to join now and acquire an AXIOM Beta?
Yes, please join the preorder list and we will notify you as soon as there are open slots.

Do I also pay VAT if I order from outside Europe?
With a non-European billing address the VAT should be gone within the last steps of the checkout process.

Will anything be shipped with Phase 1?
Your camera unit will be delivered once Phase 1 - 3 are complete.

Do I also need to pay Phase 1 if I did not decide when to get my AXIOM Beta yet?
Yes, the components we buy with Phase 1 for your camera unit are essential no matter when you will get your AXIOM Beta unit.

Do I also need to pay Phase 1 if I want to wait for the AXIOM Gamma?
Yes, as we will still buy the image sensor for you already to get the better volume deal. AXIOM Beta and AXIOM Gamma use the same image sensor module.

Should I also pay Phase 1 if I want another image sensor than the CMV12000 in the future?
Yes, we will deduct the price difference on Phase 2/3. Please understand that only the CMV12000 module is developed at this point and different sensor options will take some time to be developed.

Can I pay Phase 1 - 3 altogether now?
Yes, please contact us.

What happens with my voucher if I don't participate in the Phased Payments?
Your voucher does not expire and you are still entitled for an at-cost AXIOM Beta unit. But the actual at-cost price strongly depends on the number of cameras we build and therefore the volume discounts we get so we cannot guarantee when a next production batch will be available for you and what the price will be in the future.



2 years ago

I have a voucher and no longer wish to go down the Apertus Axiom beta road, anyone want to buy my voucher from me?

2 years ago
carlos mayol

hey, i read that you have a voucher but you are no longer keen on get the camera, i would like to have it if you still want to

2 years ago

I have to find another word so I don't sound repetitive, but: holy awesome!! :D
Great news/milestones reached!

2 years ago

That is great news ! Can't wait for sensor calibration and other images. Since you did the slap test, I would also be pleased to have handheld footage, to finally enjoy the global shutter on moving images ! like action footage (people running around in a hallway or in your office if the camera prototype allows it)

Also, do you have a deadline for paying phase 1 ? I'm still considering (from a money point of view it's quite an investment I'm not sure I can afford right now) and if there is a date limit it always helps to decide. Do you need new backers or are the cost low enough already ?
And finally, is there any roadmap or schedule for Phase 2 and 3 ?

Again it's very good news and I can't wait for some more !!

2 years ago

Action sequences are a good idea, we will definitely shoot some more footage soon.

There is no deadline for Phase 1 payments yet but depending on the number of payments we collect we will consider one soon.

Phase 2 payments are individual - aka due depending on when a voucher holder wants to get his/her camera unit.

We still need additional backers and supporters.

2 years ago
I am lost

I have no idea what is going on any more with this camera. I know that it is around 8 months late but that's about it. Any chance you can do a 'For Dummies' presentation to explain where we are. My camera was either ordered under my name or company name - Digital Mixes


2 years ago

I doubt that you're a Dummy, but to answer the question: we have finished the hardware design for the Early Beta, we tested the hardware thoroughly and found it to meet and exceed our original plans in functionality and flexibility. We are currently building (assembling and testing) Early Betas which we will ship as soon as possible after we made sure that they are working perfectly.

While we are late for what was announced/planned during the campaign, if you look more closely and judge fairly, you will see that the Early Beta is already two generations further than the proposed device (modularity, plug-ins, shields, solder on area) and you are basically getting a Beta++ now instead for a lower price. This might or might not be what you expected, but in our opinion it's a very good thing :)

Current delays are mostly caused by some backers not participating in phase one which puts the volume deals we arranged to get you an excellent price at danger and ultimately could increase the Beta cost for all backers (we are doing our best to avoid that).

Hope that clarifies,

2 years ago

We don't want accurate colors!!! We want cinematic colors! I hope that the calibration routines will be available for modding once the cameras are sent out. Open source, right?

2 years ago

Awesome... I'd kiss you if you were a woman!

Whopee I can't wait to "hack" my own camera..when it comes to coding I've got some image processing experience but I know nothing about color science, but hell i'm a fast learner.. I will do weekend research to how close I can come with the CMOSIS chip to Arri Alexa color magic and then do my own brand of color science..I do wonder how much processing power can I leverage from the Apertus cam for image processing.

2 years ago
Kurt Fillmore

Wow. Your uncorrected, first test images are astounding. With fine tuning they'll look even better. Expect my down payment by this weekend, first part of next week - depending on Banks and Fulfillment Services.

Nicely done everyone!

2 years ago

I'm not keen on trusting engineers to adjust anything that requires a certain artistic skill/experience/feeling. And colors are crucial for artistic expression.

By using a camera that is 100% open to modding I'm dying to find out, what acrobatics does Canon, Nikon or Arri to have their own brand of color science. I want to find out how much of the color science is in the hardware (sensor, gain) or software. I also want to find out how Aja failed at this (they use the same sensor). In the past I wanted to buy an industrial camera for this exact reason but the prospect of having a shitty small sensor with which I can't really use my EF glass always delayed this. With Axiom I can finally dwell into this topic fully.

2 years ago

That's the spirit :D

While we respect other camera manufacturers and their work in color science their method of imposing their will on all their users will always be inferior to the power and knowledge of the crowd - just look at Magic Lantern :)

2 years ago

Today I ordered my "AXIOM Beta Phase 1".

As I recieved the order ID #118 I am not the first one. That is good. :-) Hopefully you reach the target amount of orders fast.

By the way: Are there already estimate costs of the AXIOM Gamma? At the moment I am unsure wether I keep at the AXIOM Beta or switch to the AXIOM Gamma.

2 years ago

Great, thanks!
AXIOM Gamma development is not far enough yet to give price estimates. We fear though it will get more expensive than what most people expect - the tech implementations are quite high end in the Gamma.

2 years ago

Will the Phase 1 payment come with local (german) 19% VAT (USt) and a standard invoice so I can deduct the down payment from my taxes?
Best regards

2 years ago

Seeing that you have a beta up and running, PLEASE upload as much real footage as possible. I think thats the best way to make people wanna pay for phase 1 as we finally get to see glimpses of what is possible with this camera... We need footage, footage, footage.
So I kindly ask you to take half a day and go out, shoot a few scenes outdoors and a few indoors and post the results online so that everyone can see what we will get.

Thank you in advance

2 years ago

Hallo Hansi
Da die community international ist, verwenden wir Englisch als gemeinsame Basis, wenn du bestimmte Dinge wissen möchtest antworten wir gerne auch auf Deutsch, bitte kontaktiere uns hier:

2 years ago

Made my phase 1 payment. I was glad to see my order ID has moved on a bit from Leonhard's and that other people have also jumped on board for the volume discount.

2 years ago

We have already received a little under 100x Phase1 orders within the last week. I am confident we will make the 500 in the end!

2 years ago

I haven't submitted my phase 1 payment yet! Is it too late? Also why is there a £200 increase in the Phase 1 payment? Does that mean the next two payments in Phase 2 and 3 will be smaller than €700 and €400? Happy New Year to everyone!! 2016 is the year of AXIOM!

2 years ago

You can still submit your Phase 1 payment.
What do you mean with the £200 increase? Do you mean VAT?

2 years ago

VAT is applicable to all payments unless you have a European VAT ID or order from outside Europe.
The postcode of the apertus° company is 2000.

1 year ago
Kalle Hautamäki

Hi guys,

Is it possible to sell my voucher + phase 1 payment together? If so, do you have people waiting in the line or should I find a buyer myself? Anyone following this page interested?

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