AXIOM Beta Tech Specs

Pictured: AXIOM Beta Developer Kit rigged.


Image Sensor

ams Sensors Belgium CMV12000: 4K resolution (4096 x 3072 Pixels), Super 35mm (APS-C) diameter, global shutter with up to 300 frames per second at full resolution
(This sensor has been used for research and development purposes but more options will become available. For other compatible alternatives see Wiki: Image Sensor Table)

Lens Mount

Passive E-mount
Compatible with mechanical adapters to accommodate every manual lens, active lens mounts planned for the future.

Camera Control


WebGUI (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, etc.)

AXIOM Remote


2x High-speed plugin module slots

1x Medium-speed shield slot

1x Low-speed shield slot

2x Center Solder On (CSO) modules

Expansion Modules

Single HDMI 1080p60 (4:4:4) output plugin module

Dual 6G SDI output plugin module (in development)

Genlock, Trigger, Timecode, LANC shields (in development)

4K Displayport/HDMI plugin module (in development)

CSO Module for Motion Tracking (3D Accelerometer, 3D magnetometer, 3D gyroscope, air pressure e.g. for 3D tracking or image stabilization) (in development)

3x PMOD debug plugin module

1x PMOD debug plugin module

General Connectivity

USB / Serial Console / Gigabit Ethernet / WiFi (optional)

Internal Image Processing

Matrix color conversion

Look-Up-Tables (LUTs)

Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) compensation

False color display


Hardware Architecture

Xilinx Zynq 7020 based MicroZed
FPGA + Dual ARM Core

Operating System

Embedded Linux (Arch)

Power Supply

5V DC supply module (swappable)

Wide input voltage range module 5-40V (planned)

Image processing:

In-Camera Looks

Per color channel Look-Up-Tables (LUTs) plus gamma adjustment LUTs for flat/log image profile mode per output (fully customizable).

Color Conversion

real time matrix color conversion (eg: white-balancing, offsets, channel swapping, channel merging, color effects, color space conversion).

FPN & dead pixel compensation

Corrections for Column and Row ADC Offset as well as per-pixel compensations of Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN) plus real time dead/hot pixel compensation with full access to all parameters & addresses.


Two of the three image sensors we use have higher resolution than the typical output modes, this allows us to show objects in the viewfinder video before they enter the recorded frame.


Real time frame guides, menus, meta information, overlays are fully software configurable/accessible, you can even play Pong.

False Color Display

Use any custom gradient for checking exposure levels, skins tones or to benchmark the uniformity of a greenscreen's illumination. Of course fully configurable.

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