AXIOM Remote

Real Buttons and Knobs

The AXIOM Remote was funded as a stretch goal in the AXIOM Beta crowd funding campaign and is still in development. It features push-buttons and switches as well as 2 rotary encoders (also with push-button function) that can be used to control a wide range of camera parameters like shutter speed, gain, overlays, FPS, gamma curves etc. To keep everything as flexible as possible the buttons next to the LCD have dynamic functionality as their commands are displayed next to them on the LCD. Switches on the side allow locking of each individual dial wheel or all buttons on the AXIOM Remote.

Features in Consideration

Force Feedback for the two dials with two small built-in micro-stepper motors would allow feeling the settings (like min, max reached) without looking at the display. This could also allow switching the dials between jog/shuttle mode.

Tech Specs

The AXIOM Remote is based on a small LCD screen (for showing status information, camera parameters and navigating through menus, no live video) and a PIC32 micro-controller. The connection between AXIOM Remote and camera will be a flexible (preferable spiral) cable with solid connectors. Expansion slots (with GPIO) will allow easy future addition of new buttons/knobs/wheels/controllers/interfaces.

Feature Wishlist:
EssentialsGood to HaveLuxury
a few Status LEDssingle color LED under most buttons (transparent)RGB LED under every button (transparent)
power supply from camerapower IN connectorown battery mount
wired operationwireless operation option
turn LCD into touchscreen (can be disabled in menu)
Control all AXIOM related functionalistsControl active lens mount related functionalistsRemote Control other cameras and devices (LANC, USB, DSLR Shutter Release, etc.)
2x Rotary Knobs (infinite rotation)additional slider/fader knobForce Feedback Rotary Knobs (built-in microstepper motor)

Concept History

Apertus AXIOM Remote Interface Concept: Version 0.5 Apertus AXIOM Remote Interface Concept: Version 0.5
Concept: Version 0.6

Apertus Dictator Interface Concept: Version 0.5
Concept: Version 0.5

Apertus Dictator Interface Concept Version 0.3
Concept: Version 0.3

AXIOM Beta Remote Controller Menu Simulator

We started creating an online simulation of the remote controller menu structure so we can evaluate the best way how these devices can be operated intuitively. The simulator is still an early draft but the basic foundation is now done and future extensions can be added easily.

If you want to help us feel free to grab the source code and make changes (send us a pull request when done):


AXIOM Remote on the apertus° wiki

Source Code on GitHub

Project Type: Hardware Status: In Development

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