AXIOM Team Talk Volume 10

We're back! Max and Sebastian sit down again in this brand new Team Talk episode 10 - recorded at our new AXIOM shared office space mini studio. In this episode we give a brief update of what's been happening and what kept us from releasing any Team Talk episodes in recent months. As a special topic in this episode, we cover the AXIOM Remote and Remote Plus (a Raspberry Pi and Touchscreen based device) progress and developments.

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Do you like Max and Sebastian trying to be funny and entertaining or would you prefer them to have a more serious, strict and resolute approach to the Team Talks? In general, should they be pre-scripted or more spontaneous? Are there any additional topics you would like to see covered?

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Upcoming Team Talk 11: AXIOM Beta enclosures

The upcoming AXIOM Team Talk 11 (release soon - promise!) will be entirely devoted to AXIOM Beta enclosures. We’ll cover what enclosure options are currently planned, what we created already, how the concepts evolved and developed over time, how we design everything for manufacturability & repairability and how the community can participate.

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1 year ago
Kurt Fillmore

Looking forward to more information about the beta. Also, what about Phase 2 Payments? And - how to I get a hold of my voucher number? The Axiom Store lists Phase 2 payments, but the amount is scary huge! Definitely need that voucher number to bring it down. Thanks.

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