AXIOM Team Talk Volume 11

As promised, Team Talk 11 is all about AXIOM Beta enclosures. It covers the manufacturing process of the Skeleton enclosure (see second video below). We share pictures and CAD files of the Simple Enclosure which is designed as a shell around the Skeleton enclosure and can be entirely 3D printed - so it can easily be adapted and modified by the community. You can also get the full CAD files of the Full Enclosure and review the current design - which combines laser cut, bent and CNC milled aluminum parts to form a rugged, ergonomic and unique AXIOM Beta camera body. Your feedback and ideas are welcome and if you're an experienced design engineer, we invite you to check out the Onshape project and create your own forks and improvements.

3D Print your own AXIOM e-mount lens cap

Download 3D file

CNC Milling AXIOM Beta Skeleton

AXIOM Beta parts are being manufactured with a Tormach CNC mill. An aluminum piece is milled from two sides with various tools involved to create the required shape, flatten the surfaces, drill holes and cut threads. The entire process takes around 20 minutes for one piece. The machines requires constant human supervision and some manual interactions. The parts are sandblasted and coated afterwards.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the update. So in terms of the crowd funding backers, what kind of enclosure can we expect, or will we need to print / create our own?

1 year ago

You are welcome! Crowd funding backers are entitled to get the AXIOM Beta at cost so whatever enclosure you choose to get you will just pay what it costs to manufacture it, the simple enclosure will be cheaper than the Full Enclosure obviously. You can either print the Simple Enclosure yourself, order it from a third party 3d printing facility or get it from us.

1 year ago

Fantastic! Especially the new, new industrial designed enclosure with handgrip and interchangeable sensor carriage...!
Was the new new beard also fashioned in Manfred's basement with the Tormach CNC mill too?

1 year ago

Great you like it :) For beard trimming we actually have a set of even bigger machines in an industrial machine hall - it's a science... and an art... and a fashion... well time to go get trimmed again now....

1 year ago
Phil C

Thanks for the Update. As said: great concept art - especially with arri rosette and grip.
Would the time be right for an update of the beta timeline/roadmap as well? Regards, phil

1 year ago
Kurt Fillmore

Outstanding video. It looks like great progress is being made. The camera is truly coming together. Some folks online have mentioned that Apertus is like the Craft Camera - all vapor ware. But our faith in your work is well placed. You are doing marvelous things. Open source is the way to go.

I'm still interested in the 90 Degree Rotation Board, to allow for flipping the PCB Stack on it's side. You mentioned that there will be other enclosure options and this is my goal. To go with a Vertical Format more along the lines of a traditional Cinema Camera, not the wide squat look of a stills camera. I believe the 90 Degree Board will be key to creating this configuration. I know you have mentioned that some people want to use two cameras with their lenses close together for 3D Cinema, and that they are also looking forward to the Rotation Board.

So thanks for the update. Keep 'em coming.

1 year ago
Srihari M S

Nice! Like Kurt above even I was wondering about the 90 Degree Rotation Board. This would add more balance and enable to put in a handle on top of the camera.

Also, is a bolex form factor like a pistol grip possible?

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