AXIOM Team Talk Volume 12.1

New Team Talk Naming Scheme

With the recent Team Talk releases, people have asked us if we really wore the same set of cloths for several weeks - as we looked the same in Team Talk 10 and 11. The answer, shockingly, is no! We don't wear the same outfit all the time - we shot these two Team Talk episodes back to back on the same day! To make it easier to see which blocks belong together in the future, we’ve come up with a new naming scheme. From now on, Team Talks shot on the same day will be released under the same volume name (like Volume 12 now), but with a decimal number added to the end, e.g. Volume 12.1. The next release would be Volume 12.2, etc. until we go to the studio on a different day to shoot Volume 13.

Team Talk Survey Feedback Results

Thank you all for taking the time to fill out the survey we posted with Team Talk 10. Your encouraging words and ideas as well as insight into what you like, don't like is really motivating us to keep this series going. We don’t consider our role here to be hosts to an invisible audience. Just releasing videos and counting viewer stats is not doing it for us. Rather, we imagine you all sitting in the studio with us as an audience and want to engage in a dialog. This survey was a great feedback channel for us to hear your voices. We already incorporated your suggestions in the creation of this Team Talk (we scrapped the teleprompter for example) and will continue the changes with the next shooting as well.

AXIOM Team Talk Survey Results

AXIOM Team Talk Survey Results

AXIOM Team Talk Survey Results
Other great suggestions for inclusions to the Team Talks were: "Talk nerdy to me ;)" and "you may mention some other interesting open hardware projects". We’ll definitely consider those... erm... both!

Elmyra Preview Release

Simon joins us for this Team Talk to share the latest development progress: Elmyra, our open source, Blender-based automated CAD model rendering/visualization platform - which is is now ready for you to try out! The preview release for Linux, Mac and Windows can be downloaded from Github. Feedback, test reports and code contributions are very welcome.

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1 year ago
Gino Balcacer

Okay, I don't know if I'm off base here, but I think the most important agenda item in any team talk at this point is an update on when we will receive our Beta models.

1 year ago

You guys are going totally off the track. It slowly starts looking like any other kickstarter blunder that will "magically" disappear together with people's money - tech folks usually have absolutely 0 business and financial planning skills. Please stay on topic, talk about the camera, start talking about the camera settings and etc.

1 year ago
Phil C

Thanks for new TT Episode. Even if i wont become a CAD Dev in the next future, i realized with that episode, what it really means to develop a tool like a cine cam completly transparent and open in terms of rebuilding it - from the scratch. I've been on the wrong track as well: that it will just need a sensor, a board (that somehow magically appears on the market and fits exactly the needs of a 4k cam), some amount of cash, and a bunch of enthusiastic Programmers to compete with worlds leading electronic Enterprises, within two or three years. Feels pretty naive right now. I am glad that you stick with the idea to develop the infrastructure that is simply needed for your/our approach of real open source hardware! And didn't just release a product thats works somehow, but stays far from the targets we/you had when it started (or even worse: has to be recalled to fix the first series, to iron bugs out). It will pay of in the long run, i'am still pretty sure! ;)

1 year ago


Please interpret this message as emitted with a positive emotion and wanting to help you, but I will criticize you for you to improve.

As Peter and Gino say you are going totally off track, with no doubt with good intentions you stated to focus too much in the way the message is portrayed and too little in the substance of the message.

Most of the people watching you are people interested on open source, and open source cameras, open source cinema. I am personally interested on the photogrametry side applications of an open source camera, like book scanners,machine vision, or 3d scanners as I am already using commercial DSLRs for it and suffering the pain of having everything blocked behind proprietary and patented file formats, controls and stuff.

Seriously I can't believe you can't make a more interesting report with what you have so far. You are supposedly film makers and should know the trade of making an interesting film to human beings or know the people who can make it for you. You already have an audience very interested in the camera. Show us the camera, show how it is manufactured, or prototyped, talk with the suppliers on camera, or the people of Magic lantern, talk about the problems you have to deal with as people from all around the world are watching you and probably can help you solve them... but staying in a sofa with just yourself is too dull.

Even if have nothing new to say you can say the same things you put already on letters but explain it on person on camera, like the specifications of the sensors because it is a much better way of getting your message across. You can use a simple blackboard to help you.

I have seen the CNC machine you have in a picture, the prototype and electronics in another. If I were you I could have been talking at least an hour about each of those and keep the audience engaged as this people is already self selected and interested on the topic.

It looks like you are hiding data and the open source camera is not that open, this is my perception after watching the last video. It feels like you hold fears about being open or there is something wrong behind. I can not see what it is, if there is financial problems or responsibility fears or anxiety or whatever but I can sense something is there.

1 year ago

I really feel this is taking way too long. I hope you are able to find the financial resources to take production to a professional level other wise I'm afraid this will fail.

It also concerns me that there is so little news on the hardware development of the camera. The camera hardware should be completely developed before even thinking about producing on a larger scale. When the project is so slowly progressing I'm afraid the funds will dry out before even reaching the production state.

1 year ago

It appears as though the Team Talks take a lot of time/effort to produce, so maybe stop the Team Talks for a while and go back to written news articles? The last few Team Talks have mostly been about Team Talks anyway. The development status page rarely gets updated (unless there really is that little happening) and a proper article lets us know what all of you are doing for 8 hours a day. 175% funded on October 9, 2014. Ship date ~April 2015. :(

1 year ago
Kurt Fillmore

The natives are getting restless! I myself am also interested in news about the camera. I wonder when Phase 2 and Phase 3 payments will be asked for and the final camera ready for delivery. By now you should be gathering feedback from the early adopters. The sensor should be characterized and color profiles ready. But I see on the development status page that these things are still "concepting" or "not started". It is the same with the simple enclosure.
I do recognize the need to develop the pick & place machine to produce cameras in volume. That's the only way to reach a speedy and economical production run. Also - when working on a large project with a team scattered all over the planet, a way to visualize the parts being created is a great advantage.
Still, news about the camera and it's development status is vital. Perhaps rather than waiting so long between team talk videos a simple blog with several paragraphs of notes would be in order. I.E. samples of the new sensor board PCB have arrived. Code for populating the power board from the pick & place machine is being developed. It would not have to be extensive, but a weekly update would be very useful.

1 year ago

Troy_s had some new colorimetry research, Spirit532 experimenting with a CMV2K Sensor, Max's beard continues to impress, RexOrCine gets in a jacuzzi, Spirit532 did a "dumb", Bertl looks at an 8k sensor, Simon wonders why theres no love for him in the comments of the latest Team Talk and Sebastian hosts the IRC meeting: topics include future website redesigns and user forums.

1 year ago
Taffi Tasteless

Also ich finds cool! Danke, Simon! Ich kanns zwar (noch) nirgends sinnvoll einsetzen, aber die Idee ist grandios, hoffe du bleibst dran! Greez Taffi

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