AXIOM Beta is a brand new professional digital image capturing platform and the crowd funding backers get access to it before anybody else does. So we want to make sure that you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. We're inviting you to be part of this journey as a contributor (you do not need to be a programmer to use the AXIOM Beta), helping to shape the final product.

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The AXIOM Beta is being built together with experts from the Magic Lantern team. The people that brought you the best features on Canon DSLRs that Canon never wanted you to have - only this time the creators of the camera want you to have all of those features - because we and Magic Lantern are the makers :)


We are currently shipping developer and early adopter kits. Later this year a more mature version (with proper enclosure, camera control, etc.) will be available to crowdfunding supporters and voucher holders. Normal retail sales will start once all voucher holders and crowdfunding supporters have received their AXIOM Betas. The wiki features a work in progress cost/price estimate.

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Project Type: Hardware, Software Status: In Development

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The Phase 1 for the AXIOM Beta has been completed in the first week of February and in total we received the funds of 123 Phase 1 payments (unfortunately not all 500 crowdfunding camera supporters followed through). This will not allow us to get the 500 pieces volume deals, but the 100+ volume order will still give us quite significant discounts for a number of key items - such as the sensor, which is by far the most expensive single component. The estimated price increase of the at-cost prices... » Read more
Over the course of the last few months, A1ex from the Magic Lantern team has been leading the efforts to capture tens of thousands of still images with our AXIOM Beta prototype to measure and analyze a wide range of image sensor characteristics. To get the most out of the image one has to really understand what is going on inside the silicon and how all the different aspects influence each other. We have learned a lot and were able to draw a number of conclusions and methods for improving the... » Read more
Paypal recently informed us that our company account has been frozen and after some failed attempts to contact them they explained that our phased payments system processed through Paypal is violating their terms of service. Apparently Paypal forbids any kind of pre-selling activity when payment and delivery of goods are more than 20 days apart. Also they imposed a funding reserve on our account effectively preventing us from actually buying image sensors and Microzeds with the Phase 1 payment... » Read more
We have reached a major milestone: The hardware designs for the AXIOM Beta are complete! This means that the electronics and the PCB designs have passed all tests so far and everything is working fine. There is still a small chance though that we will discover minor problems with certain components in the future. Upgrades and replacements of certain boards are still planned for adding new dedicated features and increasing performance but these will be future projects and not something we will... » Read more
In October, some members of the apertus° team held a two-day AXIOM workshop at the Louis Lumière cinema school, Paris. This is their report (photos by Kevin Théard): As mentioned in the report of the previous workshop , Louis Lumière is a unique school for upcoming cinematographers, where students and teachers work on a deep level of (physical) understanding regarding their tools - investigating both the technical and creative aspects. The latest workshop was organized by Alain Sarlat (... » Read more
apertus° now community and company at the same time The apertus° project has successfully transformed itself from a community-only project to a company-community project. Of course we still are a community but with more responsibility and clearer role definitions. Yet, public perception apparently changed as people primarily perceive us to be a camera manufacturing company when we approach them. Furthermore, the Open Hardware Summit in Philadelphia drew our attention to something rather... » Read more
We traveled to Amsterdam and attended OSCON , the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. The convention took place at RAI, a huge location where Europe's biggest broadcast convention - the IBC - is held every year in September. OSCON was established in 1999 and brings together people from all kind of backgrounds related to open source. This year's conference took place from 26 – 28th of October 2015 and we showcased our AXIOM Beta prototypes. » Read more
The secret of the two missing colours Do you know that two thirds of your digital image information is not recorded, but calculated by algorithms? And this is happening right in the beginning, during the first step of image processing. It is called De-Bayering. Classic 3-chip camera design with a prism to split the image into the three colour primaries D e-Bayering is one of the the first steps of digital image processing of a raw image. Back in the old days, most (broadcast) video cameras with... » Read more
In this Team Talk Episode: AXIOM Bridge Introduction Watch Video Chapter We applied for an innovation grant to advance a sideproject that we funded as stretch goal in the AXIOM Beta crowdfunding campaign. An open hardware and free software digital video capture PCIe card to stream high bandwidth 4K raw video from an AXIOM Beta to a connected PC - we call it AXIOM Bridge . Update: Unfortunately we did not get the grant. AXIOM Ecosystem Introduction Watch Video Chapter The AXIOM Ecosystem is a... » Read more
In this Team Talk Episode: AXIOM Early Beta - Hardware Report Watch Video Chapter A new AXIOM Beta prototyping hardware generation is here and we want to provide insight into all the technical details. We show each PCB in the stack up and what changed from the early plans to where we are today, what additions are still pending and what each board is doing in full OSHPark purple technicolor. AXIOM Gamma vs AXIOM Beta - Two Generations? No! Watch Video Chapter We admit it. It is confusing: Why... » Read more
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