Note: This page is currently being rebuilt (06.12.17). AXIOM Beta is a brand new professional digital image capturing platform and the crowd funding backers get access to it before anybody else does. So we want to make sure that you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. We're inviting you to be part of this journey as a contributor (you do not need to be a programmer to use the AXIOM Beta), helping to shape the final product.

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The AXIOM Beta is being built together with experts from the Magic Lantern team. The people that brought you the best features on Canon DSLRs that Canon never wanted you to have - only this time the creators of the camera want you to have all of those features - because we and Magic Lantern are the makers :)


We are currently shipping developer and early adopter kits. Later this year a more mature version (with proper enclosure, camera control, etc.) will be available to crowdfunding supporters and voucher holders. Normal retail sales will start once all voucher holders and crowdfunding supporters have received their AXIOM Betas. The wiki features a work in progress cost/price estimate.

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The secret of the two missing colours Do you know that two thirds of your digital image information is not recorded, but calculated by algorithms? And this is happening right in the beginning, during the first step of image processing. It is called De-Bayering. Classic 3-chip camera design with a prism to split the image into the three colour primaries D e-Bayering is one of the the first steps of digital image processing of a raw image. Back in the old days, most (broadcast) video cameras with... » Read more
In this Team Talk Episode: AXIOM Bridge Introduction Watch Video Chapter We applied for an innovation grant to advance a sideproject that we funded as stretch goal in the AXIOM Beta crowdfunding campaign. An open hardware and free software digital video capture PCIe card to stream high bandwidth 4K raw video from an AXIOM Beta to a connected PC - we call it AXIOM Bridge . Update: Unfortunately we did not get the grant. AXIOM Ecosystem Introduction Watch Video Chapter The AXIOM Ecosystem is a... » Read more
In this Team Talk Episode: AXIOM Early Beta - Hardware Report Watch Video Chapter A new AXIOM Beta prototyping hardware generation is here and we want to provide insight into all the technical details. We show each PCB in the stack up and what changed from the early plans to where we are today, what additions are still pending and what each board is doing in full OSHPark purple technicolor. AXIOM Gamma vs AXIOM Beta - Two Generations? No! Watch Video Chapter We admit it. It is confusing: Why... » Read more
In the realm of digital imaging, there are many questions artists have regarding the nature of digital imaging. How do the scenes we look at get captured and transformed into meaningful colored and black and white images? How do the complexities of post production pipelines interact with data? How much should an artist need to know about color and color spaces to elevate their work? Color is called a psychophysical phenomena; a portion of color relies on the physics outside of our eyes and a... » Read more
Last week we asked all voucher holders for their opinion and feedback regarding the 3 Phase payment system proposed last week . A good deal of people responded and now we want to share some insight on the results. We asked if voucher holders approve the AXIOM Beta 3 Phase Payment concept: Result: We consider the 3 Phase payment as accepted (~85% in poll). Some said they prefer to pay the entire amount upfront, which is fine too. This means we might need to ask for a small additional payment... » Read more
Higher Volumes - Lower Prices Good news everyone! As the crowd funding campaign reached significantly more supporters for the AXIOM Beta than originally anticipated we renegotiated the prices of key components in the Beta with our suppliers. (We are now in the final stages of component selection.) The result is that even though the complexity of the designs, the number of boards and general number of components increased (as we added more features and modularity to the Beta, based on supporter... » Read more
In this Team Talk Episode: Open Cine- Raw Video Development Suite Status Report Watch Video Chapter OpenCine is currently being developed by one team member and we wanted to share his progress and show the current status of the software. The developer longs for feedback, concepts and ideas that motivate him to continue improving the software in the apertus° Lab . AXIOM Gamma Kickoff Meeting Impressions Watch Video Chapter All five partners in the AXIOM Gamma development consortium met in Vienna... » Read more
Answering the demand for visualization Internally and externally the AXIOM camera projects provides ample opportunities and also a definite need for visualization. Our decentralized teams are iterating over rapidly evolving designs for circuit boards, sockets, handles, enclosures and soon with the production of the AXIOM Beta also packaging and possibly expansion components, and all of this needs to be communicated between our team members, to our backers and the public. Having only limited... » Read more
In may, a part of the apertus° team gave an AXIOM presentation at the Louis Lumière cinema school. This is their report: It’s a unique school where - as you may call it - they teach “image architecture” (a mix of cinematographer and engineer). We made a two part presentation about open source and its benefits for filmmakers, the AXIOM camera roadmap, followed by a hands-on workshop with the Alpha prototype. We received great feedback from the attendees. It’s really interesting to notice that... » Read more
As explained in Team Talk 3 and based on the feedback we received after our 42-minute Team Talk 2, we decided to release shorter episodes from now on. Hopefully fewer topics-per video and more frequent releases will make things a bit more digestible! In this Team Talk Episode: More NAB Stories Watch Video Chapter We talk about people we have met at NAB and the quite memorable event of being interviewed On-The-Couch by Cinema5D together with other "camera-underdogs": Black Magic Design and... » Read more
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