Note: This page is currently being rebuilt (06.12.17). AXIOM Beta is a brand new professional digital image capturing platform and the crowd funding backers get access to it before anybody else does. So we want to make sure that you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. We're inviting you to be part of this journey as a contributor (you do not need to be a programmer to use the AXIOM Beta), helping to shape the final product.

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The AXIOM Beta is being built together with experts from the Magic Lantern team. The people that brought you the best features on Canon DSLRs that Canon never wanted you to have - only this time the creators of the camera want you to have all of those features - because we and Magic Lantern are the makers :)


We are currently shipping developer and early adopter kits. Later this year a more mature version (with proper enclosure, camera control, etc.) will be available to crowdfunding supporters and voucher holders. Normal retail sales will start once all voucher holders and crowdfunding supporters have received their AXIOM Betas. The wiki features a work in progress cost/price estimate.

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Project Type: Hardware, Software Status: In Development

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AXIOM Ecosystem launched You are part of the AXIOM ecosystem in that it features development, experiments and feedback, with time professional services will be on offers. Rentals or repairs, but also things like thoughening of body housings, individual modification or something you come up with. Services are offered locally, as well as on a European and worldwide level, adjusting to where the demand is. For now it serves as an overview of expertises provided by the community, mostly educational... » Read more
Current Status New revision of PCBs received, succeeding hardware demonstrated at NAB and Linuxwochen in Vienna. Fixes all tiny problems manually patched in previous version. This first generation hardware is mainly targeted towards hardware and software developers and not recommended for filmmakers yet. Upon assembly we will know if indeed all the problems are taken care of by the new design. Provided such is the case, a number of development-prototypes will be produced for further software... » Read more
The hardware complete AXIOM Beta prototype which we showcased at NAB for the very first time has "opened its eyes", and we are receiving first image data from the image sensor. We use the same defect sample image sensor (that did not pass quality controls) in the Beta prototype for these first tests as we used in the Alpha prototype . You can see the defect coloumns on the left and the right of the image. Also keep in mind this image lacks calibration and white balance and does not apply any... » Read more
It was apertus’ first appearance at NAB, the Las Vegas trade show originally named after the National Association of Broadcasters. We only had vague expectations of what would happen at the world’s biggest trade show for cinema gear and film industry supplies. We started our journey with a real ‘American road trip’ after arriving at Los Angeles International from Europe. Our anticipation for the show stretched out during our crossing of the desert after a (naively) unexpected five hour traffic... » Read more
In the tradition of claiming something ridiculous on April 1st last year we announced that the AXIOM was bought by a Japanese gaming console company and is to be turned into a 4K retro gaming device sporting Pong . This year we tried to increase the ridiculousness-level even further by claiming we gave up the project to form a death metal band called AXEÖHM. And before you ask: the delays in the AXIOM Beta development were not caused by us having fun making videos all the time instead of... » Read more
Topics Insight into AXIOM Beta Hardware/Software Development Process Watch Video Chapter The AXIOM Beta hardware and software development is iterative. It's a rather smooth transition and a largely parallel process. Also there will be several stages of hardware where new revisions replace older ones. Same goes with new software/firmware. If you receive one of the earlier batches of the Beta, it will be different from what the last backers will receive. Stay tuned for further updates and follow... » Read more
Watch Video on Youtube In this first big update video after successful crowd funding we give an overview about the current development status of the AXIOM Beta open source camera and further plans as well as answering some of the most pressing user questions we received. Please note that we received more questions than we could answer within reasonable broadcast time so we added all the ones we could not answer on video to the official FAQ Topics 01:21 - Development Purchases 03:37 - All... » Read more
The majority of perks for crowdfunding backers who did not choose to get an AXIOM Beta voucher (note there is no physical voucher delivered as we maintain a central list of voucher holders) have shipped by now. Be it buttons, stickers, thank-you letters, personal thank-you videos, T-shirts or limited edition posters, we all produced and wrapped them up just like Santa's North Pole factory would have done it. Some of the packages might arrive in time for Christmas. Some will arrive a bit... » Read more
The European 8th framework program "Horizon 2020" encourages projects to aim high - not just doing research and innovation for the sake of it but seeking game-changing innovations that solve the challenges our society and our world is facing today in a sustainable way. This spring we dedicated considerable efforts to bringing a huge grant application that outlines the plan to develop and pilot the AXIOM Gamma and submitting it to the European Commission together with 4 partners in other EU... » Read more
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We are the community As we have repeated countless times already: the key of how we build the AXIOM Beta is THE COMMUNITY. A lot of people have sent us emails about ideas and feature requests for the AXIOM Beta. We read them all and replied with our own thoughts to each and every one of them. But this is a very one-dimensional communication so we have looked into how we can make this process broader and more transparent, giving everyone a chance to participate - after all the community is a... » Read more
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