Note: This page is currently being rebuilt (06.12.17). AXIOM Beta is a brand new professional digital image capturing platform and the crowd funding backers get access to it before anybody else does. So we want to make sure that you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. We're inviting you to be part of this journey as a contributor (you do not need to be a programmer to use the AXIOM Beta), helping to shape the final product.

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The AXIOM Beta is being built together with experts from the Magic Lantern team. The people that brought you the best features on Canon DSLRs that Canon never wanted you to have - only this time the creators of the camera want you to have all of those features - because we and Magic Lantern are the makers :)


We are currently shipping developer and early adopter kits. Later this year a more mature version (with proper enclosure, camera control, etc.) will be available to crowdfunding supporters and voucher holders. Normal retail sales will start once all voucher holders and crowdfunding supporters have received their AXIOM Betas. The wiki features a work in progress cost/price estimate.

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We've just finished the Schematic and Layout for three new AXIOM Beta Boards and updated the Sensor Board. \o/ The purpose of the Beta Test Board is to allow testing integration between MicroZed and the Interface Boards with various external power supplies and level shifters. It can be considered a specialized breakout board. The Dummy Interface Board allows us to connect the Sensor Board with the Beta Board without intermediate processing. Naturally this limits the number of LVDS channels... » Read more
AXIOM timeline
The AXIOM project has surpassed a number of milestones, and yet there are still new and exciting things happening right now. In order to visualize everything that's taken place in parallel throughout the AXIOM Alpha development, we've created an interactive timeline illustrating the first part of the AXIOM Saga: From the announcement of the AXIOM in Geneva, Switzerland to the commencement of the crowd funding campaign - marking the beginning of the AXIOM Beta development and the end of chapter... » Read more
First Image Sensor Module PCB design draft finished We've just finished the schematic and layout for the AXIOM Beta 4K Super35 (CMV12000) image sensor board. Yay! The design features a few new ideas we gathered during the crowdfunding campaign from input and feedback to the existing design. Those are as follows: The sensor board contains an EEPROM to store sensor model, voltages and unique identifiers. The sensor board can be rotated by 180 degree and still work with the same interface board (... » Read more
“Help, I missed the campaign deadline by 10 minutes! Is it still possible to get an AXIOM Beta?” As we received countless emails from people who missed the end of the campaign we decided to extend the AXIOM Beta Super35 at-cost-voucher for an additional two weeks for a €500 development contribution plus the estimated €2300 when it ships. This will be the 5th batch of Super35 cameras with an ETA of August 2015. While all transactions will be handled via Indiegogo’s “forever funding” program, don... » Read more
Our indiegogo campaign is finished and was a huge success, thanks again to everyone involved, and particularly to all the backers who trusted us and joined the AXIOM Beta community. If you add the money for the over 450 at-cost cameras to be built to the money raised in crowd funding (€ 174,520) we now have a virtual final balance of the insane amount of € 1,210,420 (yes that’s 1.2 Million Euros) contributed in the 4 week campaign. Campaign Stats: Contributions by country: Contributions per day... » Read more
Late last night we crossed the € 100.000 line which marks the incredibly important moment of reaching the crowd funding goal. As it is an all-or-nothing campaign (fixed funding) we would have received nothing at all if we reached just € 99,999 and all backers would have their contributions refunded. But now we have the required funds to develop and build the AXIOM Beta. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed and became a part of this! Today we've already reached the first stretch goal!... » Read more
Since the crowd funding campaign has started, there have been a number of quite interesting developments regarding AXIOM Beta and we thought it might be time to give you an update on the technical side. The day after the campaign started, Avnet announced the PicoZed , which is basically a MicroZed with the minimum number of onboard components and interfaces, with a very interesting twist. PicoZed Parallella Boards in the apertus° lab Now while the board itself wouldn't be very appealing for our... » Read more
We have been working towards this moment for almost 3 years now. We had ups and downs but never got to a point when giving up was any of the valid options. A number of people suggested we should find another, proper job instead, after hearing what we were up to. We managed to build a prototype from a shoestring budget because of a team that has been donating their hearts and souls to get closer to the ultimate goal of putting power with cameras back into the hands of their users. Now it's time... » Read more
AXIOM Beta takes shape (literally) When we first announced the AXIOM Beta camera , we had a pretty clear idea of how the camera would be designed from a technical point of view. Nevertheless, it was still quite difficult to show people this vision as it existed only within our imagination. Now we have begun turning our ideas into actual design studies, to be accompanied by illustrated concept images. The first of these concepts is showing the PCB Stack concept for the AXIOM Beta and allows for... » Read more
Particle Collisions We had a couple of great days in Hamburg, heard talks about interesting topics and met a lot of inspirational people. And we were also given a grand tour of the particle accelerators that we were all so "physically attracted" to :) . DESY's primary task, since the research centre was founded in 1959, has been to investigate the smallest particles known at that time.. Over it's five decade operation history, DESY provided essential information and data for solving some of the... » Read more
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