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Cable Armour

The Problem

Many consumer connector standards (USB, HDMI, etc.) have found their way into professional camera technology and this brings the problems that they don't lock to the device they are attached to with them and that they are rather vulnerable to damage when sideway force is applied to the connector. Shooting in the field and having several cables hanging from the camera and not having a way to secure them in place is really cumbersome and has often lead to broken connectors or problems with devices being disconnected accidentally. Not optimal when you actually currently focus on making a movie...

The Solution Concept: Cable A(r)mour

The idea is to not require a special cable or a special connector but provide a protection system that can be used in addition to existing connectors.

If you love your, cables protect them - with Cable A(r)mour!

  • works with almost any connector
  • locks from accidental cable unplugging
  • minimal integration effort necessary
  • protects cable connector from sideway forces
  • can be made from plastic for medium protection strength or aluminum for maximal protection strength

Patent pending?

Absolutely not! We release this as open hardware for anyone to use and build upon - be fair and do the same when you use this as foundation of your own solution

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Why has nobody come up with a versatile system how any cable connector that we use everyday can be properly protected? This Open Hardware Concept proposes a solution. We think the key here is simplicity. If you love your, cables protect them - with Cable A(r)mour ! » Read more
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