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AXIOM Beta Crowd Funding Launch

We have been working towards this moment for almost 3 years now. We had ups and downs but never got to a point when giving up was any of the valid options. A number of people suggested we should find another, proper job instead, after hearing what we were up to. We managed to build a prototype from a shoestring budget because of a team that has been donating their hearts and souls to get closer to the ultimate goal of putting power with cameras back into the hands of their users. Now it's time to rally the supporters. This next step we can only take together with you.

We give you: AXIOM Beta, the crowd-funding has begun!



3 years ago

Hi,how much pay for axiom beta full assembled and ready to shoot with Cmosis CMV12000 sensor ? i'm interested

Cheers from Italy!

3 years ago

Hi, so we will need a external 4k recorder with axiom beta camera?
Good work!!

3 years ago

Do you think it will be possible to reach higher frame rates then 60 with the Beta using Cmosis CMV12000? Since up to 60fps with HDMI and cooling is often a problem with higher fps.

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