A Common AXIOM Anthem - Call for Remixes

An Extraordinary Compensation

Some time ago, we received an email from Behnam Moghaddam - a musician with Iranian roots living in Germany. He explained that he would love to join the team and acquire an AXIOM Beta voucher, but unfortunately can barely afford to buy food - a "starving artist" so to say. So we thought about how Behnam could pay for his voucher... a colleague shouted from behind: "I know Behnam from TV! He sings and has an incredible voice!". So the idea was born that Behnam could pay with a song. The AXIOM song, the AXIOM Anthem. And Behnam accepted!

In case you don’t know Behnam from TV, check out these videos below:

We are AXIOM

What followed was a journey to discover what an AXIOM theme song could actually sound like. What is the voice of the community? What is the story to tell and what musical style could properly convey this message? We discussed and rewrote the lyrics, Behnam then went to the studio and recorded some first demos and got more musicians and producers on board and so the track iterated and matured. The result is an electro hip-hop track called "We are AXIOM". You can listen to the track below and purchase it (name your price) to support Behnam so he can afford the hardware components for an AXIOM Beta and creating more AXIOM tracks.

Support Behnam - purchase the track (name your price)

It was this collaboration between the united open source and commons movement that inspired me. It's important for me to create bridges between music, film, soft- and hardware which at a first glance are completely different worlds but when you look deeper actually have a lot in common.
- Behnam Moghaddam

Remix it

The internal team feedback was rather mixed: some people loved "we are AXIOM", some people hated it and asked why it didn't sound more like this and that. So we realized that no single track can ever represent the diversity in our community - we need to produce remixes and the current track is meant more as a raw draft for the community to refine and reinterpret than a set-in-stone end product. The idea for a call for remixes was born where anyone can contribute his or her adapted or new version of the AXIOM Anthem. We plan to create a remix compilation with the best tracks on CD and Vinyl. The core team will choose one remix and produce a music video for it. This video will be shot on AXIOM cameras by team and the community. This footage will also be released under the creative commons license to again allow video remixes.

Remix Contribution Deadline: October 30th, 2016
Remix Submission (MP3, etc. is fine) and support/questions: or comments below this article

Remix Track Downloads

All tracks are provided as uncompressed WAV (44,100 Hz 24bit Stereo) in 140 BPM and are released under the creative commons (CC-BY 4.0) license:

Download Multitrack Package, stems (ZIP, 295 MB)

Remixing is the Heart of the Open Source Philosophy

Publishing the bits and pieces of your work so somebody else can build upon this foundation, make changes and release a new piece of work is exactly what open source is about: enabling remixing of content. By releasing these parts of this audio track we are essentially sharing its source code for everyone to look at, adapt and share. We can't wait to see what you come up with - now get to the workbench, the recording studio and the synths and make this baby fly :)

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