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apertus° Company

apertus° Company

In December 2012 Oscar Spierenburg created the "Apertus - Open Source Cinema" company as branch of his film production company (Picoux Productions) in Antwerp, Belgium.

apertus° Company Address

Apertus/Picoux Productions BVBA
Maalderijstraat 2
2000 Antwerp - Belgium

VAT Number: BE0508.784.301



ith our efforts to build our first independent hardware product: AXIOM we need to transition from a community-only project to professional company-plus-community project. We want to maintain our dedication to openness, fairness and freedom but we also face having to carefully consider certain aspects now that we enter the commercial world. If we want the efforts to last (and we wholeheartedly do) the apertus° company is required to make profits longterm. Only then we can:

  • hire staff to guarantee completion of development/manufacturing within schedule
  • offer international sales & warranty to customers long term
  • provide a long term upgrade path for our products
  • provide professional customer support
  • increase production volume to reduce unit retail prices
  • stock up on cameras to reduce lead time for customers
  • finance future development efforts
  • handle returns, repairs and replacements
  • provide training and consulting services
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