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Contributing to the Project

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AXIOM Beta Testing


hen we finished the AXIOM Alpha prototype we received a lot of feedback. Filmmakers and enthusiasts from all over the world were offering to test and improve our prototype.

We would have been happy to provide every single one of them with the prototype but it proved difficult to replicate and starting to send the single unit we had on world tour would have been cumbersome. That's how we figured we have to create a way to provide the community with potent hardware that can easily be accessed. That is how the idea of the AXIOM Beta was born and led to the plan to crowd fund the development and provide the community with cheap hardware by pooling the production together.

Ideas, Feedback and Wishlists

apertus° is the first community driven camera building project. We are very interested to know your individual wishes of what a camera should do for you. While the general (FPGA based) AXIOM architecture concept is already pretty mature, there are many details that all add up to the final product, and these are not set in stone yet. This is your chance to shape the future of AXIOM together as community.

While a single idea can always be the initial spark for an act of brilliance, an idea alone is not really helpful unless there is someone to turn it into reality. So we encourage you to be ready to pursue your ideas rather than just throwing them into the ring and hoping someone else will pick them up. Ideas work best if they are pursued by their creator. You can take a look at the apertus° Lab, a community idea, wishlist, task and bug management system:
apertus° Lab »


The successful crowd funding and EU Horizon 2020 grant have enabled us to speed up development and to afford tools and machinery for transforming the AXIOM from a DIY garage project into an industrial grade product.

The universal way of further increasing our capabilities is by donating. With more money, we have an asset in our hands to effectively push the project forward. To learn more about how you can donate and what we want to do with your money:
Donate here »


Anyone who is interested in a world with Open Cinema tools is welcome to contribute and help us reach this goal. Your specialized knowledge and time is the most valuable commodity you can donate to the project. This is also not limited to contributing to software or hardware tasks - we need people to deal with management tasks, writing documentation, maintaining and improving our website, writing translations, undertaking graphics design, etc. You can also be a filmmaker or DOP, creating videos or footage for collaborative films and / or provide others in the community with technical support and tips. We will provide important contributors with developer hardware (if you are interested specifically in working with Axiom) when available and possible. Participate in a unique global project: advance technology, open up new possibilities and meet interesting people. Let's shape the future of cinema technology together.
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So, you know someone who we should get in touch with? Someone who might want to get involved, potentially contribute and help push the project forward? We would love for you to bring us all together.

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Spread the Word

Tell your friends about apertus° and they might help the project evolve. Your effort to tell them may lead to much faster progress being made, and doing so will just take a second!

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