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Maker Fair Vienna 2018.

As the apertus° Association is a non-profit organisation there are limits to what can be achieved without a certain amount of financial contribution. For example the acquisition of essential hardware and safety certifications, and paying for external services like prototype manufacture, all require funding. Community outreach is extensive and great efforts are made to help developers with support and regional user-groups with materials. There are many aspects to project development that stand a greater chance of completing more quickly where the Association is able to ensure that these costs are met. apertus° Association's finances are handled transparently and accounts are reviewed and approved by an independent registered auditor annually. Individuals aren’t able to profit from donations.

To learn about why the projects we’re working on deserve your support, and how contributions are used to fulfill Association and community goals, please see our Mission Statement or read about how the Association functions.


Any donations will be put to good use... and thank you.

Donate through Paypal
Use a secure Paypal transaction to make a one-off donation.
All major credit cards accepted.

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Monthly Contribution
Safeguard the long term sustainability of the project goals by contributing on a monthly basis.
Monthly Contribution:
Wire Transfer
Make a donation via wire transfer to:

Bank Account: apertus° - Association
IBAN: AT201420020010935165

Note: Monthly contributions can be stopped or changed at any time - just log into your Paypal account and make the desired changes.


The following sponsors have supported apertus° with hardware, infrastructure or financial contributions:

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Aerial Filmworks, intoPIX, Antmicro Ltd, plastoc, Jonathan Wheeler, Irishwiseguy, Matlo, Aslak, Edwin3000, Stanislav Shapetskiy, jpratt, christophv, ashleypardey, Dimitris Papadopoulos, Khaled al Shaibani, JMP1Sailor, @joomlapolis, Damiano Sandei, Brian Hallett, John Jack, zimi, Maxim Doucet, Andrew C, g-raffa, Badini Media Art, Elby Studio, mindfestvideo, Andreas Brehmer, Mathieu Auvray, Tobi, Matt Shanafelt, Rainer Fritz, Pure Digital Services, Olafur Arason, Red Kettle Films, cinerebels.com, Sander Bontje, KurtF, Martijn de Vré, Sergio Herencias, davidak, 10 Under 100, Ganzo, Stuart Thompson, Francis Pimenta, Denis Aliev, fvlight.com, Julien Jehannet, Cycle-in-Motion, Stéphane Blanchardon, Bruce Allen, Richard Bentley, Wayne Morellini, Thomas Kernen, Hutch Color, Dynamic Perception, Serenata Flowers, Serenata Flowers, Website Design Egypt, Chameleon John,

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