apertus° is an award winning non profit association that serves the common good, that supports and nurses the creation and distribution of knowledge, creativity and seeks to establish a network around open source technologies in the area of audiovisual media production aka. digital cinema. But apertus° now is also a company that is dedicated to openness, fairness and freedom just like the association but ready for the next step when we want to enter the commercial world with our open products.


There are limits to what we can do without funding. At this point we just cannot go on with certain endeavors without paying for certain hardware or external services like prototype manufacturing. We need your help to raise money to make these things possible and drastically speed up our progress.


The apertus° Association's finances are handled in a very transparent way. The highest commandment is that no member should ever benefit from the Association financially but everyone should benefit from the means the association provides to the common good. So donating to the apertus° Association guarantees that your contribution will be used to fulfill the association's goals. The association will also protect the names of donators (no public listing) if they have not stated otherwise. In addition, the association's accounts are reviewed and approved by an independent registered auditor annually.

Read more about why donating to the apertus° Association makes sense here

Donate to the apertus° Non-Profit Association:

Option 1:

Use a secure Paypal transaction to make your donation. All major credit cards accepted:

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Option 2:

By becoming a Supporting Association Member you donate to the association in regular intervals and that way contribute to long term sustainability of the associations goals. Read more about it here.

Monthly Contribution:
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Option 3:

Make a donation via wire transfer to:
Bank Account: apertus° - Association
IBAN: AT201420020010935165

Option 4:

Send us some Bitcoins:
apertus° wallet:
Bitcoin apertus° wallet QR-code 1CcUcDyNteRVps3Kf4E4dh2sg6UWsLvj1o 1CcUcDyNteRVps3Kf4E4dh2sg6UWsLvj1o

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