DIY Flourescent Area Light


Professional cinema grade lighting equipment is expensive. But after a Kinoflo Divalite 401 tear down we discovered that it consists mostly of off-the-shelf parts that can be sourced locally for a fraction of the price of buying from the original manufacturer. So this DIY project seeks to build a light that is almost as good as the original for just a fraction of the price. Future expansions could make it better than the original though: put in an Arduino like micro controller plus wireless interface (Xbee or similar) to remotely dim your lights anyone?

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Project Type: Hardware Status: Research

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Photographed using 2 Diva Lites by ( Creative Commons) I love the Kinoflo Diva Lite - it provides soft but strong light and gives great texture to faces. Since I always have it at disposal and can use it whenever I want I took it for granted already. It was just in Geneva at the first global apertus° community meet up when I wanted to rent one for the apertus° booth that I discovered how incredibly expensive these are. So I started my research to find out... » Read more
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