The AXIOM Gamma is the AXIOM Betas big brother and packs more performance and modularity in a larger and more expensive package. The AXIOM Gamma is planned to utilize a fully modular hardware concept (the "Open Module Concept") that allows swapping of all essential camera components like changing PCIe cards in your PC. But since this modularity also includes the enclosure there is no single way the AXIOM Gamma can look like, below you see different stages and design studies that show different concepts.


The AXIOM development consortium has received a Horizon2020 ICT grant from the European Union funding the entire development up to a "pilot" production of the AXIOM Gamma. This grant runs from spring 2015 to summer 2016. The AXIOM Gamma is currently estimated to be available to end user in Q4 2016 at the earliest. We might run a crowd funding campaign to cover starting production around that time.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 645560.

Project Type: Hardware, Software Status: In Development

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About On the 17th of March, our office in Vienna was unusually crowded and maybe even more so — unusually tidy. We happily, yet a little nervously, hosted the AXIOM Gamma Intermediate Technical Review with the participation of all consortium partners, our project officer from the European Commission and two independent reviewers. It was a very busy day, with various presentations all centering on the AXIOM Gamma developments. After a brief introduction, we led the group through an exhibition... » Read more
Is the world dragging you down? Introducing the latest apertus° product: The incredible RELAXiom will give you a chance to step into the shoes of your favorite movie heroes! With the latest advances in microwave technology you can experience something that is more immersive than Virtual Reality - your entire body will breathe and live this new cinematic reality: RELAXiom. Introducing RELAXiom! The story behind the RELAXiom Don't feel square - feel ultra widescreen! Your browser does not support... » Read more
Over the course of the last few months, A1ex from the Magic Lantern team has been leading the efforts to capture tens of thousands of still images with our AXIOM Beta prototype to measure and analyze a wide range of image sensor characteristics. To get the most out of the image one has to really understand what is going on inside the silicon and how all the different aspects influence each other. We have learned a lot and were able to draw a number of conclusions and methods for improving the... » Read more
A while ago we announced our development of a Blender-based industrial design visualization system, codenamed "Elmyra". Elmyra will aid us to automate visualization tasks for our rapidly iterative and parallel camera hardware development. Time flies, so we want to give you a short review of what we've been up to and where we're headed now! Two months ago we were at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam to provide a first glimpse of the system, giving some essential background information of our... » Read more
The secret of the two missing colours Do you know that two thirds of your digital image information is not recorded, but calculated by algorithms? And this is happening right in the beginning, during the first step of image processing. It is called De-Bayering. Classic 3-chip camera design with a prism to split the image into the three colour primaries D e-Bayering is one of the the first steps of digital image processing of a raw image. Back in the old days, most (broadcast) video cameras with... » Read more
In this Team Talk Episode: AXIOM Early Beta - Hardware Report Watch Video Chapter A new AXIOM Beta prototyping hardware generation is here and we want to provide insight into all the technical details. We show each PCB in the stack up and what changed from the early plans to where we are today, what additions are still pending and what each board is doing in full OSHPark purple technicolor. AXIOM Gamma vs AXIOM Beta - Two Generations? No! Watch Video Chapter We admit it. It is confusing: Why... » Read more
In the realm of digital imaging, there are many questions artists have regarding the nature of digital imaging. How do the scenes we look at get captured and transformed into meaningful colored and black and white images? How do the complexities of post production pipelines interact with data? How much should an artist need to know about color and color spaces to elevate their work? Color is called a psychophysical phenomena; a portion of color relies on the physics outside of our eyes and a... » Read more
In this Team Talk Episode: Open Cine- Raw Video Development Suite Status Report Watch Video Chapter OpenCine is currently being developed by one team member and we wanted to share his progress and show the current status of the software. The developer longs for feedback, concepts and ideas that motivate him to continue improving the software in the apertus° Lab . AXIOM Gamma Kickoff Meeting Impressions Watch Video Chapter All five partners in the AXIOM Gamma development consortium met in Vienna... » Read more
Answering the demand for visualization Internally and externally the AXIOM camera projects provides ample opportunities and also a definite need for visualization. Our decentralized teams are iterating over rapidly evolving designs for circuit boards, sockets, handles, enclosures and soon with the production of the AXIOM Beta also packaging and possibly expansion components, and all of this needs to be communicated between our team members, to our backers and the public. Having only limited... » Read more
At its heart the AXIOM Gamma is modular, similar in design to a PC (different cards can be plugged in, swapped or replaced) Planned architectural choices and design: Many things outlined here are in the process of refinement and evaluation, this overview serves not as a set of results but rather show a current snapshot of the work-in-progress development. Pre-Processing Module The Pre-Processsing Module captures the raw image data from the sensor and is responsible for general “raw” processing... » Read more
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