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is a software to control the Merlin/Orion/Skywatcher remote head for shooting motion controlled time lapse. The software allows custom bezier shaped movement curves with ramping and complex motion sequences. Please note that you require a special (TTL Voltage converter) cable to connect the head to a computers serial/USB port. -> Detailed Cable Guide (French)

Chronomotion Screenshot

Sample clip to showcase motion ramping and bezier curves.


Please note that the software is still in development and while it might work just fine for you we can not officially recommended it for a production environment yet.

Chronomotion V0.3 Alpha Windows Chronomotion V0.3 Alpha Linux Chronomotion V0.3 Alpha Mac

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There are 2 mailing lists for this project:

Chronomotion Announcement
For receiving updates on new releases or other major events (only admins can post to the list): HERE

Chronomotion Tech Support & Development
For asking tech support questions and developer discussion(only subscribers can post to the list): HERE


Installation and Usage Instructions on the Wiki

Source Code

Code on GitHub

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