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ElphelVision is a touch screen based camera interface with all camera controls, live preview and an integrated file browser/viewer to watch the files on the camera connected HDD/SSD. The name "ElphelVision" was chosen to honor the company Elphel Inc. that builds the free software and open hardware camera modules that sparked the creation of the Apertus project.


The down-to-earth idea is to create the camera control interface as user friendly (in terms of usability and visual experience) as possible. We think the days where you had to navigate through several levels of menu structures on your camera with an up/down/select button setup are over. Of course it also has to support all features you would expect from a state-of-the-art camera but we try to do it in the most pleasing way for both the eye and the person who operates it. This means we keep the live video preview area clear of any text or icon overlays (you can switch on cropmarks and guides though). All buttons are ordered and labeled in a way that you will know what this particular button will do before pressing it and seeing the results.

Technical Specifications

  • free software
  • developed as cross platform Java Application
  • using libvlc(jvlc) to display live video stream with very low latency
  • or alternatively Gstreamer framework for very low latency video and a nice plugin architecture (work in progress)
  • live histogram
  • freely configurable video overlay markers/guides
  • works with 2 cameras in Stereo 3D rigs
  • experimental audio monitoring & recording
  • recording of videos or stills
  • full manual control of all camera parameters


ElphelVision Installation Guide

ElphelVision Usage Guide

ElphelVision Compile Guide


Files that go on the Elphel camera

ElphelVision 0.57 Linux ElphelVision 0.57 Mac ElphelVision 0.57 Windows

Older Versions

Wiki Page


Source Code

Code on GitHub

Project Type: Software Status: Discontinued
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ElphelVision Screenshots

Sebastian Pichelhofer explains the apertus° project, shows the Elphel camera hardware and the apertus° software to control the camera with a touchscreen viewfinder software: ElphelVision.
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