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L'objectif de la communauté et du projet apertus° est de créer des caméras de cinéma puissantes, libres et ouvertes que nous, cinéastes, aimerions avoir. L'idée d'utiliser une caméra Elphel à cette fin particulière est né en 2006, a trouvé de nombreux adeptes au fil des ans et a finalement abouti à la création d'une communauté nommée "Apertus", et à ce site web. Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus sur le projet apertus° , et sur nos dernières réalisation pour construire à partir de zéro la toute première caméra de cinéma numérique composée de logiciels et matériels libres: apertus° Axiom

Latest News:

AXIOM Team Talk Volume 13.2

Il y a 2 mois 2 semaines by Sebastian
AXIOM Beta USB 3.0 plugin module If you've been following the project you'll know that, where recording data is concerned, the AXIOM Beta has relied solely on external, off-the-shelf, HDMI recorders and all the pros and cons that are known to be inherent with those devices up to now. With the USB 3.0 plugin module, however, any computer with USB 3.0 connectivity can be used as an AXIOM Recorder. This will allow us to define format/container/metadata/etc. of uncompressed raw 4k footage for the... » Read more

One week with the AXIOM Team

Il y a 3 mois 1 semaine by Sebastian
Last week, apertus° community member davidak , from Germany, visited Vienna and participated in a number of AXIOM related activities in the course of one week ranging from hardware assembly, software development and building ergonomic enclosure evaluation prototypes, to shooting with the AXIOM Beta. Davidak on various AXIOM duties in Vienna. Shooting the Signs of Autumn in a Vienna Park Of course, nobody wants to work on the AXIOM project without taking the camera for a spin, and so, even... » Read more

Google Summer of Code Completed - Result Report: Smart Switching Regulator

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Il y a 3 mois 4 semaines by Sebastian
Coding Period completed This was our first time participating in Google’s Summer of Code program and it came to an end with our student’s final evaluation period across late August to mid-September 2017. As you may or may not remember we received around 30 applications/proposals (many of which were very good), narrowed this selection down to around 5, and gratefully received 3 slots from Google in the end. After some preliminary work the students got to grips with the camera’s operating... » Read more

AXIOM Team Talk Volume 13.1- SDI Module, SMT Workshop and Exhibition

Il y a 5 mois 5 jours by Sebastian
We know a lot of people are waiting for news about hardware production and we are doing production and development in parallel. Our most recent article talked about progress with electronics manufacturing - in this article and Team Talk we want to share news about new ongoing developments though. AXIOM Beta Dual 6G SDI module in development When choosing between HDMI and SDI we have so far given HDMI priority as, for developers working with the AXIOM Beta, it meant a larger and more affordable... » Read more

The Road from AXIOM Beta Developer Kit to Production Camera

Il y a 7 mois 1 semaine by Sebastian
Developer Kits have been shipping for some time now and we are aware that the most pressing question for many of you is "When will the AXIOM Beta evolve from a Developer Kit to being a production ready camera?" This article should help to answer that question, but keep in mind that the camera has been carefully designed to evolve constantly. For a detailed itinerary of outstanding tasks and a statement on expected timeframes please see Mission Briefings on the project's Wiki. Metal Full... » Read more

Google Summer of Code Projects - Coding Begins

Il y a 8 mois 3 semaines by Sebastian
For this year’s Summer of Code, Google awarded apertus° three student slots. This is significant as new mentoring organizations are warned that they’re likely to receive a maximum of 1-2 slots in their first year. We set out to choose the best of the best from almost thirty project proposals - a difficult decision as all were of a very high standard. The chosen students have already started reading up on the required documentation and have been familiarising themselves with development tools as... » Read more
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