April Fools: Introducing RELAXiom - UHD and better than LSD

Is the world dragging you down?

Introducing the latest apertus° product: The incredible RELAXiom will give you a chance to step into the shoes of your favorite movie heroes! With the latest advances in microwave technology you can experience something that is more immersive than Virtual Reality - your entire body will breathe and live this new cinematic reality: RELAXiom.

Introducing RELAXiom!

The story behind the RELAXiom

Don't feel square - feel ultra widescreen!

You may ask yourself if the world is ready for the RELAXiom yet and if it will not take another ten years until it passed all medical trials and certificates? But the good news is: The future is now, RELAXiom is ready and it's working - medical testing is not required because it's all digital.

Our top scientist holding the RELAXiom prototype - he did use the RELAXiom on himself - lots of fun - no problems at all
RELAXiom components explained - essentially a mix between movie projector and microwave

Going Global

The time has come to take the RELAXiom global. We have installed the RELAXiom Gamm Array in special locations all over the European Union and are ready to turn them on to spread RELAXiom happiness over all continents. As already explained countless times the side effects are really minimal (we don't know why this question keeps coming up all the time...). We have used the RELAXiom on ourselves countless times already and it didn't do us any harm - we are feeling perfectly fine and are still in full control of our minds, skills and competences as this article we created should definitely proof by itself!


2 years ago

Can I use it to take over the world? Bravo guys!!! Loved the show. Your clips are funny and so are the names of the parts of the gun. Great job.

2 years ago

Could you guys work more on the actual product and make less lame jokes. You're so behind your schedule, and I really consider to never buy your product if you won't come to terms within the next months. Also start communicating your process more detailed. Please do not fulfill all crowd-funding projects clichees and stop behaving like giggeling amateurs.

2 years ago

Oh i just found this. Maybe its the other way around, too much boring work? :D
Loved the Pandemic reference.

All the best from Berlin!

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