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Join the Team

Since you have arrived on this page, it probably means you're interested in helping us and participating in our development effort. Thank you for coming this far - your help is very much appreciated. You’ll discover that being an active part of this project is interesting, rewarding and a fun ride! The next step is to get in touch with us via IRC (Internet Relay Chat): Simply join our IRC channel and contact one of our team members, preferably se6astian, Bertl, or philippej. Note that on IRC we have people from different places and time-zones, so please be patient if you are waiting for a reply. We can get you up to date on the latest tech developments, or if you are already up-to-date, we can discuss where your help could be most beneficial, alongside the areas of greatest interest to you. If IRC is not one of your preferred communication channels, you can also contact us via our contact form. From here, we’ll guide you to the best people / task / project depending on your interest, skills and motivation.

apertus° hierarchy

  • Core Team: the inner circle of the team - founders, longest term members and most active developers
  • Team Member: long term contributor
  • Contributor: Anyone who actively contributed something to the project: software development, writing text, designing graphics, organizing an event, etc.
  • Follower: Anyone following our efforts through newsletter subscriptions, social media forum interaction or just checking the website from time to time.
  • Visitor: Anyone visiting the website

Requirements to join the team

As you can see in the hierarchy above, you need to work your way up. By reading this page, you have stepped into the first rank of a "Visitor". To make your way to the top, you’re required to follow a very simple rule: contribute to the project and prove your skills and long term commitment. In short, what this all means is that we are seeking skilled people who don't require someone else to tell them what to do. You know best what you're good at. Find an apertus° project that suits you - or create your own apertus° subproject - and then don't stop contributing until it’s awesome.

Benefits of joining the team

With the development of the Axiom camera, apertus° is currently transitioning from a community-only project to a community-and-company project. This means that a certain interest in long-term commercial success of the Axiom is added to the mix. As a result we will hopefully (after a successful crowd-funding campaign) be able to pay a certain amount to developers/contributors and grow that amount in the future. It is most likely that we’ll choose people who we have worked together well with in the past. At this point however, it is important for us to stress that we cannot guarantee or promise anything. There are other benefits to becoming involved with our project, and these can range from mastering new skills and gaining knowledge, to meeting new people and making life-long friends.

Example areas we need help in

Electronics EngineerHelp us design the cameras PCBs, deal with high frequency circuits, power supply, heat dispersion, embedded systems and FPGAs
Software DeveloperWork on Open Cine. This is a RAW processing tool in early development.

Further reading

Depending on your background, you might be interested in reading / viewing some of the following material / links in order to “grasp” our project’s open source philosophy:

The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Producing open source software

Open source hardware wikipedia page

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