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apertus° is the word 'apertus' (beginning with a small letter 'a') followed by a degree symbol.

To make the '°' symbol when typing, you can use these methods:
* On PC - hold down the Alt key and on the numeric keypad on the right of the keyboard, type 0176, or Alt+ 248 When you release the Alt Key, a ° should be there.
* On Macs - option shift 8.


open source cinema

... in lower case using Titillum.


Home of FOSS, open hardware, professional digital cinema and imaging tools - apertus.org


apertus° Logo
apertus° Logo

apertus° Logo w Tagline
apertus° Logo With Tagline

apertus° Logo w Tagline w Slogan
apertus° Logo with Tagline with Slogan


apertus° Logo PNG apertus° Logo With Tagline PNG

apertus° Logo w Tagline with Slogan PNG


AXIOM Logo Trans



Official Wallpapers:

apertus° Standard Wallpaper 05 Download.

apertus° Standard Wallpaper 04 Download.

apertus° Standard Wallpaper 4b Download.

AXIOM Standard Wallpaper 01 Download.

AXIOM Standard Wallpaper 01b Download.

apertus° Colour Palette

apertus° Colour Palette

Logo Colours

Letter Grey Dark:
CMYK: C: 32% Y: 27% M: 32% K: 0%
Hex Format: #B1ADA6
Accent Orange:
CMYK: C: 0% Y: 58% M: 70% K: 0%
Hex Format: #FA8756

Associated Colors

Standard Grey:
CMYK: C: 0% Y: 0% M: 0% K: 12%
Hex Format: #E1E1E1
Secondary Grey:
CMYK: C: 0% Y: 0% M: 0% K: 72%
Hex Format: #474747

Text Body Font Grey:
CMYK: C: 0% Y: 4% M: 9% K: 91%
Hex Format: #171615

OpenCine Colors

Lighter grey:
CMYK: C: 0% Y: 3% M: 6% K: 75%
Hex Format: #413F3D

Background dark grey:
CMYK: C: 0% Y: 3% M: 7% K: 76%
Hex Format: #3D3B39


The logo uses the open typographic font: Titillium
...but in the open source spirit it was customized to form something similar but new.

Titillium is used for primary and sometimes secondary text.

Open Sans is used for secondary and tertiary text.


The degree symbol ° has very special meaning:
  • The degree symbol represents a lens or an iris/aperture as seen from the front
  • The degree symbol represents our world, with the apertus° community existing as an international force
  • The degree symbol can be written in ASCII and is thus 1:1 transferable into code: apertus° - putting emphasis on the "source code" background of the project
  • There is the term "degrees of freedom" (DOF) in mechanics
  • It can also be seen as the letter "o", standing for "open", "openness", "open source", "open source cinema" and collaboration.
  • The "o" is placed where a "TM" symbol (indicating patents/trademark protection/proprietary thinking) would normally reside. Instead of a conventional trademark symbol, we utilise an "o" for Openness, which is the apertus° trademark.

Logo History

When it became clear that apertus° needed a logo we thought that would be a great task to solve as a community - together we would fiddle and tune design drafts to ultimately reach THE shape that would look so amazing that everybody would immediately stop working and say "that's it! don't touch it anymore". So (in February 2011) we started a forum-thread asking everyone to participate and submit their logo drafts, ideas and feedback. One year later: 242 posts and several hundreds of logo proposals were posted to this thread and lead to endless discussions about taste and preferences - we were going in circles and realized that this approach will unfortunately not be able to lead to THE apertus° logo being created/chosen.

apertus° Logo History

So Nathan Clark offered to ask a friend of his: Pete Flanagan who designs logos and brand identities for a living to take a look at all the user contributed logo ideas and drafts. Together they analyzed every draft that had been posted, soaked in all the ideas and concepts and then Pete started to develop an idea for a "digested" logo proposal. Unlike a common digestion process wherein everything just gets mixed together, Pete realized that the perfect common ground - best summarizing the ideas exhibited through our community logo proposals - is "Simplicity". A clean and clear form that sums up all the ideas/backgrounds/ideology/etc:

A perfect circle.

The apertus° team and community loved the designs and so Pete's work became our apertus° logo.

The apertus° Brand - Corporate Identity (CI)

apertus° CI


apertus° CI PDF
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