Merry Christmas from the apertus° team: First 4K RAW DNG

This year you can open one present early:

First 4K RAW DNG image from our Axiom Alpha prototype:

As we've previously stated, please keep in mind that our sensor calibration and tuning- alongside our image conversion logic development- have just begun and this image represents a camera in a very early developmental state. For example, the image has had no fixed pattern noise corrections or hot pixel compensation applied amongst other things that we just have not had the time to implement yet.

Aaron Peak Hollywood DI Grading Theater
Colorist Aaron Peak gave the DNG a proper treatment in his grading theater at Hollywood DI

Fixed Pattern Noise

The good thing about FPN (fixed pattern noise) is that it's static, its always the same when you create multiple images. This is the result of not all pixels on the image sensors surface being 100% equal and the minor difference in light sensitivity can be noticed in captured images. So, the trick to fix this is rather simple: You measure the sensitivity difference of each pixel and reverse it, since its static you only need to conduct this measurement once when calibrating the camera. These measurements are what we are currently doing, however we are not yet finished and so the above image still has FPN. More details on FPN can be read: here

fixed pattern noise illustration



4 years ago
Sadri Tam

Well done!
Thank you.
I wish you good luck and all the best

4 years ago

Very observant!

Its a software problem in our DNG converter which we fixed already in the meantime.

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