New apertus° website

After more than a year in development and several design approaches with a few damn-thats-not-good-enough-lets-start-from-scratch moments the new apertus° website is finished, online and awaiting to be discovered by you. It has more content, better readability, a new structure that should provide better overview and I hope you agree it just looks so damn much better - also optimized for viewing on mobile devices.

I want to name a few of the people who this would not have been possible without: Nathan Clark, Martin Hallmann and Philippe Jadin

Now please take a look around and let us know if you discover any remaining bugs with the new system.

Notice: Even though the website is meant to be multilingual only the English content is really finished, we are now in the process of working with our translators to bring the other languages content up to date as well. Any help with this is appreciated - let us know if you can help with translations.


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