Axiom Alpha Prototype Presentation

Last Friday in Vienna marked the first public presentation of our functional Axiom Alpha prototype. (Ok, so we did actually showcase our prototype earlier at the Photoniks Congress in Berlin, but that was for a predominantly members-only audience). What better location could we have hoped to do so other than at Austria's first hacker/fablab, the Vienna Metalab. Our attempt to summarise our project - the theory surrounding the Axiom camera plans and the prototype - lasted roughly one hour, after which we ran a full demonstration of the prototype's current capabilities. We then ended up answering A LOT of questions from the highly interested audience, taking up to two hours to get through the Q&A. From here, we've now been introduced to a range of people coming from many different professions, all interested in participating in our further developments. To all those involved and who contributed to Vienna Metalab, thanks for making it such a great occasion!

Download Presentation Slides as PDF

Photo Credits: Sebastian Pichelhofer, Malte Fiala

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