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One week with the AXIOM Team

Last week, apertus° community member davidak, from Germany, visited Vienna and participated in a number of AXIOM related activities in the course of one week ranging from hardware assembly, software development and building ergonomic enclosure evaluation prototypes, to shooting with the AXIOM Beta.

Davidak on various AXIOM duties in Vienna.

Shooting the Signs of Autumn in a Vienna Park

Of course, nobody wants to work on the AXIOM project without taking the camera for a spin, and so, even though the weather wasn't great (typically autumn), we did. There was only one development prototype at hand but we made the most of it! Davidak shot a few raw still images and short video clips in Vienna's Türkenschanzpark. Below you can find a selection (keep in mind that the development prototype is still work in progress).

Click on the image for full resolution - DNG Download

Download DNxHD 1080p25 Quicktime

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9 months ago
Papa G

Looking good. Closer inspection, I see some fixed pattern noise in the leaf. I'm sure that will be addressed but the colors look great.

9 months ago

Foam mock up for the enclosure looks good. Very Aaton! Looking forward to more details in the next Team Talk.

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