We implemented Pong as April fools joke in 2014 when we claimed AXIOM has been bought by a Japanese game console manufacturer and from now was to be turned into a cinematic retro gaming console.

Paddle Controller Hardware

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Pong C Code on GitHub

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Let me start by saying we are very sorry in case we managed to scare you for a second (or maybe a bit longer) :) I hope we did not do any permanent damage to your opinion of us. We did not sell the company and we have no plans to do so. We were actually pretty sure our proposals were considered extreme enough that nobody would take them seriously. So let's summarize what we pulled off this year at the one time of the year when there are no rules (April 1st).

On April 1st we posted the following announcement:

The next step for apertus°

With great pleasure, we hereby announce that the apertus° project has been acquired by a Japanese multinational consumer electronics company seeking to remain anonymous. With a new owner, the focus of the revolutionary Axiom camera will shift to a different target market: The Axiom is set to become the first cinematic camera featuring a crystal sharp 4K video game experience. Endless on-set gaming fun is now a guarantee.

The Best Camera to Play.

The apertus° Axiom Gaming Camera opens the door to an incredible journey. Enter immersive new cinematic worlds fused with the best retro gaming experience since the eighties. Apertus° puts the casual gaming film-maker first, with an astounding launch line-up including 10 retro games already in development. Capture amazing top-tier footage whilst playing Pong 4K, soon to be followed with Pacman 6K*.

* HFR and Stereo 3D gaming lineup will follow soon.

Accessorize Yourself!

Every Axiom Gaming Camera will come with the custom developed Pong 4K Gaming Paddle, held in a specially designed Axiom Alpha enclosure. One Dimension. 4K Resolution. Infinite Fun! The Axiom Gaming Camera will also integrate with your favourite camera gear accessories for further interactive gaming control. The possibilities are endless: wireless follow focus game controller, ‘catch the clap’ controller, bad actor wipeout gaming pistol, etc. The Axiom Gaming Camera obeys your every command.

Declare Yourself Playful

Be a game changer!

Swap games easily even whilst shooting 4K footage at up to 120 FPS. All this and more can be done in camera with our convenient solid state media gaming cartridge holding up to 3 games per unit*.

* can also be used to store up to 1 hour of uncompressed 4K raw footage.

Ready to Game?

Built for the future with the best from the past.

Axiom means creativity without limits. Unforgettable gaming experiences featuring the greatest from the birth of gaming. You choose the experience. Alone on your own, or together with your crew. Nothing will hold you or your imagination back. Finally, spend all of that useless time waiting around on-set playing with something meaningful.

On April 2nd we posted the followup statement (which was also fake of course):

Dear readers, when I visited the apertus° website yesterday I first thought our webserver had been hacked, but I've quickly found out who was responsible for these irresponsible lies regarding the Axiom project being converted into a gaming console. I can assure you that the company has not been sold to anyone. None of the BS is true and I have no idea why anybody would want to spread such blatant lies at this time of the year. I am the CEO of the apertus° company and have personally fired those who are responsible. I can assure you that this will never happen again.

A friend of mine who speaks Japanese has looked at the video and explained to me what the guy is actually talking about. It's all a fake. He's explaining how to prepare Sushi and that he likes to eat Miso soup before doing so....

You journalists out there, please stop calling me. I have nothing else to say. I want to finish post production for my feature film and haven't been able to get any work done all day.

Oh, but for those wondering what all the fuss around Pong is about. This is actually true. The Axiom Alpha prototype can really run Pong as 4K real time overlay above the footage it is capturing. And the paddle also works... now that I can't get anything done in the editing room I might go play Pong for a bit,.... see you!

Your apertus° CEO,
Oscar Spierenburg

We have seen posts in game development forums where people expressed interest in this new gaming console and we have seen posts from angry people asking how we could betray our loyal fans by selling out like this ... So did we manage to fool you? :P

Project Type: Hardware, Software Status: Completed
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