Introduction The research presented here aims at establishing a digital cinema editing workflow made exclusively under Linux machines. The steps described below start at the point in which we already have a sequence, or many sequences, of digital negative (DNG) files. In the diagram, they correspond to the stages immediately after the third grey box. Everything described from there on has been tested and is documented here. Even though it is the aim of this documentation to gather information... » Read more
Photographed using 2 Diva Lites by ( Creative Commons) I love the Kinoflo Diva Lite - it provides soft but strong light and gives great texture to faces. Since I always have it at disposal and can use it whenever I want I took it for granted already. It was just in Geneva at the first global apertus° community meet up when I wanted to rent one for the apertus° booth that I discovered how incredibly expensive these are. So I started my research to find out... » Read more
Dictator Interface Dictator: real buttons and knobs. The slogan of the Dictator is "real buttons and knobs" and that basically sums it up in 4 words. It means camera control with tactile feedback instead of or in addition to a touchscreen (which is very versatile but not desireable in some situtations). Not just old-school DOPs prefer having physical buttons to press :). The dicator will be an Axiom accessory but is also compatible with the Elphel camera. Read more about the Dictator on the... » Read more
This page and the information on it is related ONLY to the Elphel camera, NOT Axiom. Elphel 353 cameras have a C/CS mount which is basically just a female thread (nominally 1 inch/25 mm in diameter, with 32 threads per inch). The flange focal distance is 0.6900 in/17.526 mm for a C-mount. C-Mount (The letter "C" is said to stand for "cine") is common for 16mm lenses as well as machine vision, automation and specialised television applications. Which has lead to a very wide range of lenses to... » Read more
Answering the demand for visualization Internally and externally the AXIOM camera projects provides ample opportunities and also a definite need for visualization. Our decentralized teams are iterating over rapidly evolving designs for circuit boards, sockets, handles, enclosures and soon with the production of the AXIOM Beta also packaging and possibly expansion components, and all of this needs to be communicated between our team members, to our backers and the public. Having only limited... » Read more
apertus° is an open project with free people collaborating so why all the secrecy? Why not open all the discussion and details about Axiom and let everyone participate like it is common for open source projects? The following paragraph tries to explain our reasons. apertus° is currently at a major turning point. We are attempting to transform apertus° from a purely community driven project (with lots of great people but unfortunately no responsibility) into a commercial entity that emerges from... » Read more
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