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Notice: This page is about the Elphel® Model 353 camera NOT about apertus° Axiom ! Elphel® is a registered trademark of Elphel, Inc. Android App (Codename "Appertus Remote") to remote control Elphel cameras over Wifi. No live video is displayed at this time. But you can change shutter time, white-balance, recording resolution, etc. The code is still in an early stage. Axiom support is planned for the future. Source Code Code on GitHub Read more
Latest News Overview Tech Specs Image Sensors Modularity Development Status AXIOM Beta is a brand new professional digital image capturing platform and the crowd funding backers get access to it before anybody else does. So we want to make sure that you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. We're inviting you to be part of this journey as a contributor (you do not need to be a programmer to use the AXIOM Beta), helping to shape the final product. The AXIOM Beta is being built... Read more
Qué es apertus° apertus ° Axiom será la primera cámara de cine digital abierta diseñada desde cero con el concepto de apertura en mente. El sensor de imagen elegido es el CMV12000 from Cmosis . Para construirlo, en última instancia, estamos trabajando para crear un prototipo simplificado, el Axiom Alpha . Debido a que aun estamos puliendo los detalles técnicos de la Axiom, todavía no queremos revelar lo que no esté completamente definido. Crowd Funding Para financiar el desarrollo de Axiom... Read more
Latest News Overview Tech Specs Modularity Partners About The AXIOM Gamma is the AXIOM Betas big brother and packs more performance and modularity in a larger and more expensive package. The AXIOM Gamma is planned to utilize a fully modular hardware concept (the "Open Module Concept") that allows swapping of all essential camera components like changing PCIe cards in your PC. But since this modularity also includes the enclosure there is no single way the AXIOM Gamma can look like, below you... Read more
Real Buttons and Knobs The AXIOM Remote was funded as a stretch goal in the AXIOM Beta crowd funding campaign and is still in development. It features push-buttons and switches as well as 2 rotary encoders (also with push-button function) that can be used to control a wide range of camera parameters like shutter speed, gain, overlays, FPS, gamma curves etc. To keep everything as flexible as possible the buttons next to the LCD have dynamic functionality as their commands are displayed next to... Read more
Details How To Videos tl-etalonaje-paseo from Telenoika on Vimeo . tuto-edit-compositor from Telenoika on Vimeo . » Read more
As part of the EU-funded AXIOM Gamma project, our heavily blender-based R&D effort codenamed "Project Elmyra" aims to demonstrate that visualization processes can be made more efficient, reusable and sustainable - without having to resort to heavy specialization or rocket science, but through reflection on the way we spend our everyday workhours, and an interdisciplinary design methodology to turn things around! A web-based "rapid iterative" visualization system, sporting a fully automated... Read more
À Propos Apertus Axiom sera la première caméra numérique de cinéma développée entièrement, dans l'esprit du logiciel libre. Le capteur cinématographique choisi sera le CMV12000 de Cmosis . Avant de construire le modèle final, nous travaillons actuellement sur un prototype simplifié: l' Axiom Alpha . Parce que les détails techniques d'Axiom ne sont pas encore finalisés, nous avons fait le choix de ne pas divulguer toute information qui n'est pas encore certaine. Levée de fond Pour couvrir le développement de Axiom, nous allons lancer une campagne de levée de fonds avec prévente. En attendant,...
Notice: This page is about the Elphel® Model 353 camera NOT about apertus° Axiom ! Elphel® is a registered trademark of Elphel, Inc. La caméra Elphel modèle 353 modèle conçue avec des logiciels et des composants libres est un appareil très intéressant et puissant pour la réalisation de films. Vous pouvez trouver plus d'informations à ce sujet sur le site d' Elphel Inc. . Veuillez noter que apertus° ne vend pas de caméras Elphel. Si vous voulez en acheter une, entrez en contact avec Elphel Inc... Read more
Answering the demand for visualization Internally and externally the AXIOM camera projects provides ample opportunities and also a definite need for visualization. Our decentralized teams are iterating over rapidly evolving designs for circuit boards, sockets, handles, enclosures and soon with the production of the AXIOM Beta also packaging and possibly expansion components, and all of this needs to be communicated between our team members, to our backers and the public. Having only limited... » Read more
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