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Namesort descending Job/Role in apertus° Location Profile
Alban Translator / Website Review / Software Development Paris, France View profile
Allan Nordhøy Trondheim, Norway View profile
aombk Athens, Greece View profile
BAndiT1983 OpenCine Developer View profile
Carlos Padial Kinoraw, Apertus Workflow Research Barcelona, Spain View profile
davidak Osnabrück, Germany View profile
derWalter Wien, United Kingdom View profile
Gabe Colburn Software Developer Denver, United States View profile
Gao Cong United Kingdom View profile
Georg Dobrozemsky Hardware/Software Development Vienna, Austria View profile
Herbert Pötzl AXIOM Technical Lead Laaben, Austria View profile
Jehan Developer France View profile
Julien Beydon 3D Artist France View profile
Konstantin Kim Axiom Alpha Hardware Geneva, Switzerland View profile
Malte Fiala DoP, Translator nocity, Austria View profile
Manfred Gruber Mechanical Engineer Sieghartskirchen, Austria View profile
Martin Hallmann Webdesign Dortmund, Germany View profile
Matthias Tarasiewicz Vienna, Austria View profile
Max Gurresch Cameraman, Technical Support/Development Vienna, Austria View profile
MaxF APOC | Communications - Making Bridges Brussels, Belgium View profile
Mickaël FPGA Developer United Kingdom View profile
Oscar Spierenburg Project Founder & Company CEO Antwerpen, Belgium View profile
Philippe Jadin Website - communication - ideas Bruxelles, Belgium View profile
RexOr PR | Comms | Networks | CI | Copy | Advisory North, United Kingdom View profile
Sasha Cohen Translations Manager, Grant Writer, Copy Editor Sydney, Australia View profile
Sebastian Pichelhofer Project Lead, Association Chairman, Software Development, Website Development Vienna, Austria View profile
sep.gil View profile
Sergio González González APOC | Translator leon, Spain View profile
Simon Repp R&D Visualization/Documentation, Elmyra Developer Vienna, Austria View profile
Stefan de Konink embedded software developer Leidschendam, Netherlands View profile
Tatjana Svizensky Laaben, Austria View profile
Tobias Deml Apertus Ambassador Los Angeles, United States View profile
umit dogan APOC | Software development, project management istanbul, Turkey View profile

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Contributors, Support and Past Team Members, (in no particular order)

Nathan Clark, Biel Bestué de Luna, Michael Green, Julien Beydon, Aaron Peak, Troy James Sobotka, Antonin Hopley, Thomas Kumlehn, Horst Weber, Mickaël Foret, Petr Utinek, Francis Pimenta, Chuck Harrison, Magicrew (Gao Cong), Guerric Meurice de Dormale, Flavio Soares, Thomas Rainer, Minske van Wijk, Philip Walker, Phil Stone, Malte Fiala, Alexandre Cabrit, Jeremy Cimafonte, Cédric Demiddeleer, Peter Flanagan, Winne Yang, Hugh Fisher, Steven Mingam, Diego Pardilla, Alexandre Poltorak, Matteo Pozzi, David Jordan and Jason DeRose from Novacut, Florent Thiery, Anthony Violo and François Demange from Ubicast

Since anyone can download source code, make changes and contribute back to the project maintaining an up-to-date listing of all people involved is rather very difficult task, we try to keep track of the major contributors on this site but it might not represent the complete list of people currently working on the project. If you think you should be listed here please contact us.

This is a free software / open hardware project and anyone is welcome to participate / contribute.

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