You watched our Team Talk Videos and and had a dead pixel in full screen, now you want to throw away your LCD screen? Hold your liquid crystal horses! We left the dreaded dot in the upper left corner of our video on purpose! Why? We talked about the story of the dead pixel in our update videos in Team Talk Vol 2 . But we want to dedicate and entire article to it now - as a reminder of the importance of Open Source technology. You see, we could have removed the dot from every single shot pretty... » Read more
Leaving the Walled Garden Apertus° is the culmination of a diverse pool of knowledge. Our members’ backgrounds extend from hardware development, coding and engineering, to graphic design, filmmaking, journalism and arts production. In 2013, it’s easy for us to see that not only is Open Source everywhere around us, it’s also doing some pretty amazing things! Two thirds of the servers comprising the internet are powered by open technologies. Wordpress (free and open source) is the most popular... » Read more
DCI - the big boys The Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) is formed by the six major US film studios: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. and defines international standards for digital film formats and projection. On the bright side these guys define what aspect ratios, resolutions, frame rates,etc. are defined by standards named "2K" or "4K" when they are shown in cinema or how many... » Read more
About the Editor Laura Camellini studied Arts and CAD Design, Industrial Automation and Mechanics - she is graduated in communication design and qualified as web journalist. Now she is blogging about open source technology and giving lectures about open source interfaces for creative editing of video and graphical contents or how to use creative commons licences. Recently Laura joined the apertus° website and newsletter editor team. This article is co-published on her blog: The Drunk Stage... » Read more
Making some searches I found this gold nugget in Wikipedia about Independent film history. In Edison we don't trust The beginning of film making history began when some movie makers and producers decided to run away from East Coast and from Thomas Edison who was reigning without wanting to share his technology and newly created industry. They decided to go west to a little village named Hollywood to make some movies in little studios. They were escaping from the Motion Picture Patents Company (... » Read more
The last step onto the Big Screen The very last step for post production of a digital cinema project is typically packing the finished film into a DCI compliant DCP ( Wikipedia: Digital Cinema Package ). This is THE standard playback format for video servers and is used in pretty much every digital projection cinema nowadays. While this last step sounds rather straightforward and simple, people regularly turn pale when they learn that post houses charge several thousands of dollars (USD) and... » Read more
This page and the information on it is related ONLY to the Elphel camera, NOT Axiom. Elphel 353 cameras have a C/CS mount which is basically just a female thread (nominally 1 inch/25 mm in diameter, with 32 threads per inch). The flange focal distance is 0.6900 in/17.526 mm for a C-mount. C-Mount (The letter "C" is said to stand for "cine") is common for 16mm lenses as well as machine vision, automation and specialised television applications. Which has lead to a very wide range of lenses to... » Read more
apertus° is an open project with free people collaborating so why all the secrecy? Why not open all the discussion and details about Axiom and let everyone participate like it is common for open source projects? The following paragraph tries to explain our reasons. apertus° is currently at a major turning point. We are attempting to transform apertus° from a purely community driven project (with lots of great people but unfortunately no responsibility) into a commercial entity that emerges from... » Read more
Kickstarter crosses the ocean When we drafted our plan for how to create Axiom, it was clear that we want to use the biggest, most successful and most widely known crowd funding platform on the planet for our crowd funding campaign: Kickstarter . But since Kickstarter was limited to US projects we had to consider doing some workarounds like asking a US based apertus° member to run the campaign in his name. But research showed that this could have ended quite badly with this particular helpful... » Read more
Details How To Videos tl-etalonaje-paseo from Telenoika on Vimeo . tuto-edit-compositor from Telenoika on Vimeo . » Read more
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